I want to say Husband Material but…

I want to say he's fine, but pointing out physical characteristics at the start of a description of a person would only emphasize closemindedness on my side. Besides, in this frosh generation, 'fine' is a total understatement. With his moustache and goatee standing out in a crowd, its a wonder how he hasn't been gunned … Continue reading I want to say Husband Material but…


The Guys’ Way

She's just seated by herself. She's not really pretty, but she sure is attractive. Not to sound like a pained contradicting hater so here's what I mean. First, she literally has big eyes. Second, you heard well, big frigging bulgy eyes kinda like Chucky's, that evil doll. Third, she got big bulgy eyes with contacts, … Continue reading The Guys’ Way

Ask Me Already

Not to seem desperate but still eager enough for a hang out, you say to the light-skinned guy standing behind the counter you've been ogling and sizing up for the past 40mins, "Can I get your number?" You know this is an odd request and there is just a chance of 1 out of 5000 … Continue reading Ask Me Already