hurt me tomorrow – k*naan 

My hair is in a pool of tears by itself. If there's such a thing as hair heaven, I wouldn't even need to lead it, it would have found its way already. If I let it, then that's reparation for my self perpetuated hair injustice. I had a full-on headache a while ago, post new … Continue reading hurt me tomorrow – k*naan 


New Naturalists, Say Bye-Bye to Hair breakage!

Although I keenly subscribe to acute participation in hair care and I even very well observe hair routines, I'm not one to go wacky over hairs and hairstyles, especially now with the spotlight on natural hair, what with the hair bants, bandwagons, teams, societies, the supporters and rivals, the channels, the every every. It's now a serious issue, and … Continue reading New Naturalists, Say Bye-Bye to Hair breakage!