It’s been a long month!

I know this post is a long read. Thank you in advance for reading to the end No time for moping around, are you kidding? And no time for negative vibes, cause I’m winning It’s been a long week month, I put in my hardest Gonna live my life, feels so good to get it … Continue reading It’s been a long month!


Still on Uyo matter

This is going to be a long rant about what's happened thus far. It's the third day in. The convention continues. Yesterday was more on registration and games that stretched into the golf course. We were given some materials (magazines, notepads, customized bags..etc). Well, since this event is sponsored by Mobil and NNPC, I'm surprised … Continue reading Still on Uyo matter

How The Go Went

It's another Saturday ...and I'm somewhere across the country in a bus.... SITUATION REPORT: Location: Onitsha Time: 1516hrs Hunger status: None. Mumsi got me packed up with meals and apples. Imagine she got me 2 wraps of moimoi at the park to take with the rice. 'twas embarrassing in a cute way though. Popsi was just fussing … Continue reading How The Go Went