How do you wash your hair and would you spend an hour at it?

...if you have to get the best out of your wash...for your hair. When it comes to wash days, I'm the least excited. And it's the exact way I feel also when it's laundry days, sanitation days, or anything domestic activity days. But wash days, I must say, bring with it a peculiar kind of … Continue reading How do you wash your hair and would you spend an hour at it?


Throwback to College: The Beauty of Information

All I could think about throughout the process of drafting this post was Monster University. So I'll make it the theme haha! The disguised truth about studying that you may not like to hear is, if you're patient enough, real patient, it'll never be a waste of time, as it's likely to pay at the … Continue reading Throwback to College: The Beauty of Information

Is your family in Houston?

Who has family in Houston? I'm really sorry this has had to happen. It will be a lie if I say this news strikes no nerve since I have no affiliation to anyone in the US. But every second of today has left me in shivers and while panicking, I’m muttering steady prayers for the … Continue reading Is your family in Houston?

Drops of Jupiter, and me

Today started just around where yesterday ended, disorientedly, which is an uncommon appearance around here for me. My days usually transpire in a discontinuous manner, like those TV series with different plots for their daily shows. For the longest time I wasn't able to tell whether I was a morning person or not, because some … Continue reading Drops of Jupiter, and me