The enchanting man, dipped in love!

I fell in love with a man who intensely suspected his wife to be bisexual that he arranged for a lie detector test to prove it. Urban Dictionary: "Sprung" when you first lay eyes on someone- and even though your logic tells you otherwise you can't help but want to know them and be close … Continue reading The enchanting man, dipped in love!

If you make things happen, how?

I'm having troubles staying disciplined on a lot of things I wish to be consistent with. Especially when these things would cause a progress in my life and consequently make me successful (my own success mark not the world's). I barely follow my devotional handbook or make prayer a necessary ordeal ☹️ I don't read … Continue reading If you make things happen, how?

Misgivings (or not) of unsuspecting parents

I was faffing on twitter some days ago and I came across an interesting Retweet. I did what I usually do to get the backstory of tweets, I back tracked the tweet through the original tweep's timeline to view the tweet's thread (I don't know how else to explain this for non-twitter users, pardon me) … Continue reading Misgivings (or not) of unsuspecting parents