Drops of Jupiter, and me

Today started just around where yesterday ended, disorientedly, which is an uncommon appearance around here for me. My days usually transpire in a discontinuous manner, like those TV series with different plots for their daily shows. For the longest time I wasn't able to tell whether I was a morning person or not, because some … Continue reading Drops of Jupiter, and me


The mind works in mysterious ways

At work yesterday, *Lara got hungry and attempted to place an order for 2beef rolls, but apparently, the sum was not an eligible figure for a delivery. She decided, therefore, to include her order with *Mark's, who also wanted a meal but hasn't placed his order yet as he was in a meeting. Me: (seeing … Continue reading The mind works in mysterious ways

The enchanting man, dipped in love!

I fell in love with a man who intensely suspected his wife to be bisexual that he arranged for a lie detector test to prove it. For real, I'm not lying. Urban Dictionary: "Sprung" when you first lay eyes on someone- and even though your logic tells you otherwise you can't help but want to … Continue reading The enchanting man, dipped in love!

Read this about how time went past

Disclaimer: This could get you confused as you read on, but if you would read till the end, you might understand the essence. Just two persons involved, having one person in a multifunctional role   1week into job Position - Customer Service Officer  Client: May I see *Alphabet Zee please? CSO: erm, Sure. Ok.       … Continue reading Read this about how time went past