September Seasoning

Some minutes ago I checked the Photo Stream in my phone in search of a picture I'd send to a friend to prove a point, and then I came across a momentous picture I took last Friday while having a chat with a friend online. And then more pictures... Oluchi 29/09/2017, 5:54pm: Did you have … Continue reading September Seasoning


Quest for beauty: 2months later Review

Exactly 2months ago, I wrote about my resolution to revamp my skin + hair with the use of recommended products. I'm going to pen down the little progress and setbacks I've had to deal with thus far. Related: Quest for beauty: Good hair and Skin, I'm coming for you! Skin The products I got: St … Continue reading Quest for beauty: 2months later Review

Is your family in Houston?

Who has family in Houston? I'm really sorry this has had to happen. It will be a lie if I say this news strikes no nerve since I have no affiliation to anyone in the US. But every second of today has left me in shivers and while panicking, I’m muttering steady prayers for the … Continue reading Is your family in Houston?

Drops of Jupiter, and me

Today started just around where yesterday ended, disorientedly, which is an uncommon appearance around here for me. My days usually transpire in a discontinuous manner, like those TV series with different plots for their daily shows. For the longest time I wasn't able to tell whether I was a morning person or not, because some … Continue reading Drops of Jupiter, and me