options and opinions

Partly because you felt like being a smartass, but mostly because it was kind of necessary -kind of, since there's this thing about opinion being subjective- you tried to explain to the man sitting beside you that the word he was looking for was 'sensitize' but the word you thought he needed was 'enlighten'. No … Continue reading options and opinions


phoney mornings

one of those mornings when, just as soon as you semi-wake and you grope around your bed for your phone, while still in this your semi-conscious sleep inertia state, your fingers carelessly move against the phone with an immense rapid movement and what you hear at the next second is a crashing sound; the phone … Continue reading phoney mornings

I want to say Husband Material but…

I want to say he's fine, but pointing out physical characteristics at the start of a description of a person would only emphasize closemindedness on my side. Besides, in this frosh generation, 'fine' is a total understatement. With his moustache and goatee standing out in a crowd, its a wonder how he hasn't been gunned … Continue reading I want to say Husband Material but…

💝 when love is Beautiful 💘

Originally titled Picture Splendid here Imagine the most amazing flowing rich cream-colored silk gown comes right towards you. You see only the gown first until another part becomes visible -the best part- being the gown’s face. And what’s more, both the face and the gown are running towards you, is running towards you, since they … Continue reading 💝 when love is Beautiful 💘