Drops of Jupiter, and me

Today started just around where yesterday ended, disorientedly, which is an uncommon appearance around here for me. My days usually transpire in a discontinuous manner, like those TV series with different plots for their daily shows. For the longest time I wasn’t able to tell whether I was a morning person or not, because some days I wake grouchy, other days, excitedly, and customarily how I wake sets the tone on how my day would proceed, emotionally.

Some days the alarm wake-up call is a nuisance, still I fairly recollect the days I let it just ring and ring on even after I was fully alert, just because I adore the tune. I really do. My alarm tune sounds like a lyric blend of Train’s “Drops of Jupiter” and Jason Mraz’s “I’m yours” songs being played only instrumentally by Yanni. If you could, try to conceptualize the songs independently, and then interfused, now try to psychically listen to the fusion that could be produced from Yanni’s intervention – a divinely classical verse – with a bunch load of instrumentalists executing it harmoniously, you probably would feel just how YOU would feel if you were called out as the best insert what you’re very good at amongst your colleagues or idols or role models, assuming it was wholly on merit and YOU did not see it coming, and even maybe, additionally, an award thrown at YOU, you would have that “can’t breathe” feeling! I’m typing this without stopping to punctuate the sentences so I don’t miss the exact way the feeling is, the Yanni-Train-Mraz tune I’m talking about. That feeling of being kissed at the point of being awake.

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With such tune for an alarm, first, waking would happen slowly, but not too much. It would start with the impression of a song being played from a distance, or conjured while in a dream, because you only hear what seems to be up-beats with no vocals for a really dragged time while in your sleep induced stationery state. Gradually, you’d become more of conscious and less of confused as the tune would envelope the formally undisturbed air. That’s when you truly listen to it. It doesn’t take long to connect to the music because that’s what happens with soulful music especially in a serene scene. After that it wouldn’t take long for a soft smile to creep up on your face. At that moment you’ll be one of those people that smile in their sleep.

But it’s an alarm, not a music from a selection. It’s purely nailed by instruments only, no lyrics. These disparities make you wake, rather than dwell further dreamily because you know with alarms, the tempo evenly progresses, making sleeping back when slightly unconscious, a somewhat uncomfortable task if you don’t turn off the sound source. Which when you do, you’d get drowned with that disappointing realization of the need to get up and about.

My text reply to someone this morning when asked about my night was,

‘the night felt surreal, I didn’t know when I woke this morning and when I did, it was as though I walked on boxed clouds to get to the toilet. Even my alarm sounded like Train’s Drop of Jupiter song”.

To which his input was,

“Alright, so it’s fair to say you’re having a great morning?”

but my response wasn’t,

“You got it. I’m feeling on top of the world. Would you mind if I sent you some doughnuts with a cup of coffee?”

instead it was more like,

“You would think, but popsi’s driving almost got us in about 2 near miss accidents and 1 feud with a shocked driver for the first time ever. And then this sharp reminder when I got to the office that I’d lose my job this month”.

That’s when I thought that maybe I should post something, and ofcourse nothing else is on my mind. My day is not supposed to be as underwhelming as it has been thus far.

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