He Is Lovely…

I can see that you love Jesus first

It’s plain to me

And that you sit close

And hear His heartbeat

For in your eyes I see shining love

That speaks so clear

And I can hear them saying

So sweetly


He is lovely

He is holy

He gave supremely

That all men might see

And He is gentle


My Risen Savior

He is God


Master Maker, Sweet Life Creator, come

And dwell in me

That my heart may know

Your tender mercy

Shine through me that all may see Your love

So full and free

And I’ll declare Your praise

Through endless ages


You are lovely

You are holy

You gave supremely

That all men might see

You are gentle


Risen Savior

You are God

            “He is lovely by Bob Fitts”

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9 thoughts on “He Is Lovely…

    1. God bless you for this check up sweetheart.

      I’ve been pretty normal, wanting, redeciding, thinking, but generally healthy, alive and tons of grateful. I hope your days have been better than mine.
      Have the most beautiful week sugar <3!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. And did I just forget to say congratulations on learning to live life successfully? Please, pardon me. Keep doing the best you can and you can look back without regrets, never wishing you had done anything differently.

        Cheers to still being in the game and for your gratitude in the midst of everything🍷

        Liked by 1 person

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