If you make things happen, how?

I’m having troubles staying disciplined on a lot of things I wish to be consistent with. Especially when these things would cause a progress in my life and consequently make me successful (my own success mark not the world’s).

  • I barely follow my devotional handbook or make prayer a necessary ordeal ☹️
  • I don’t read anymore (be it fun reading, purpose reading or exam reading) ☹️
  • I don’t workout (even though I enjoy it when I do) ☹️
  • I don’t indulge in my healthy eating habits (it just happens by chance) ☹️
  • Even my social media checkups have dropped. I’m not current on news, music or entertainment. If I were in touch with something at the least, I won’t be sulking here. 

I honestly have no idea what I do with my hours, I really don’t. It’s been markedly one month plus since I even tried, or made any effort at anything. Again, I honestly have no idea what I do with my time. I cannot emphatically say “Hey, here’s a list of what has improved thus far for me!”

I’m failing on the controlled things. Almost half the year is gone. 

How do you guys work on your grind? How do you make progress consciously? How do you make things happen?

Please help a sister out, don’t let me fall 😭☹️


21 thoughts on “If you make things happen, how?

  1. It’s okay to wander every now and then, just don’t stay lost!

    If you don’t know where you’re going, then you haven’t had the chance to plan a route. Basically, make a list. List the things you need and want to get done. If you want to make daily, weekly, or even monthly lists, then do it. These can be for work, home and leisure.

    So maybe your list for Monday is: pray, hit the gym, read your Bible. Plan on praying when you open your eyes. Schedule your gym time and commit to it. Read your Bible at bed or even on the treadmill at the gym. Maybe find some passages about strength or resilience to get you into a groove. A regimen might be a good thing right now, some structure cannot hurt.

    Once you make a list, then list the steps you need to take to get each task done. Maybe that is gathering your gym bag, putting your Bible where you will see it each day. I find that with time and check marks showing what is done, I recognize my progress and seem encouraged. With enough small accomplishments, you should find yourself back on track!

    The key is to have a plan of attack. You have your goals, now you will have the plan to get them accomplished! You can do it!!!

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    1. Lesson: Plan a route so you don’t stay lost!

      God bless you for this. I had to copy this comment and paste it on my notepad. I read it a dozen times yesterday and i woke this morning feeling I needed to get started. I haven’t, I’m still trying to breathe. But now I understand how I can refrain from seeming clueless. It feels good ‘knowing’, which I’m aware is only the first step amongst many steps, but now I don’t feel confused.

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  2. “”I’m not current on news…” Yaaaas! I remember my first year at UWI. You could not ask me what was happening because I could not give you an answer. There was the general elections, and I did not even know about it. The general elections. To choose a PM enuh! And I never knew.

    I never realized that with so much free time in college I would actually have to force myself into habits so I could survive.
    #ActiveLivng and #SelfManagementCanChangeYourLife

    — Bless

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  3. Hey, Oluchi. I’ve nominated you for the mystery blogger award: https://pursuitofnatural.wordpress.com/2017/05/31/mystery-blogger-award/

    I go through this same sense of ennui as well. Everyone does from time to time. So, in addition to all the great advice above, I’d say realize this is common. You’re not alone. I stay on my grind by putting it in writing. I write down achievable (not grandiose) goals and schedule them. I never used to write anything down and now I write every step of my process. I practice mindfulness, just spending a few moments understanding the root cause of why I feel some type of way at times.–I talk it out with myself (aloud, on video, in my journal–whatever gets me expressing instead of bottling it up.) I try to always come back to the question “what am I going to do about it?” And figure out a way, even if it’s one small thing each day towards my goal.

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  4. Aww Oluchi. Girl…give yourself a break and cut yourself some slack. That’s the first thing I would suggest. You can never tell, this may be a call for an actual ‘break time’ – a time for you to just pause everything, reflect and try to figure out the new route your life is obviously about to take. Are you looking around you and thinking ‘There’s got to be more?’ because it seems the things you do don’t excite you anymore.

    Look at it this way, maybe God is trying to shift your focus and draw your attention to something else or a different way of doing things. For instance, two years ago God began to lead me to hear from Him and know Him outside the typical wake up, devotional, etc. Doing all those ‘typical’ things sincerely began to annoy me and, like you, I always felt so bad. What I learned eventually is that God is way more interested in an actual relationship with Him, more than the read-your-Bible-once-a-day-to-fulfill-all-righteousness kind of deal. Maybe He wants you to just come into His presence and you both just talk to each other as Father and daughter without you asking for anything. And as for the books, maybe you need to look into another type of genre? I dunno. Just try. All of a sudden I’ve found myself loving non-fictional books (autobiographies, historical books) which is veeerrry surprising for someone like me. Lol. For exercise, try a different thing – maybe turn on your music loudly if you can get away with it and dance to your heart’s content.

    Try something different from all you’re used to. Break away from your norm, even if it’s temporary. But most importantly, just breathe and cut yourself some slack. You’ll be alright.

    *sigh* Forgive my epistle. My heart just really went out to you after reading your post.

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  5. Early to rise, early to shine. I don’t know if your sleeping routine changed as well, if so, try waking up early and make sure you intentionally involve yourself in some daily-morning exercise (not necessarily a “physical exercise”), it could be meditation, writing a to-do for the day, reading a chapter of the bible, taking your bath immediately, or anything that pushes you out of that comfort zone. For this to work, you must make sure it is done every morning for like 2-3 months straight. Having a Productive Morning increases one’s chance of having a Productive Day.

    Obviously, this requires discipline, determination, and diligence, but if you are really committed your intellectual and psychological brawniness will in no time be restored. Keep the Pace.


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  6. For number 1 I’d say just start by reading your Bible casually. Read the stories you like in it (I’ll advice you read the new testament, I really enjoy reading John). God is eager to talk to you! You don’t have to be all stiff before He does. Read whenever you’re free. From there your interest will grow

    As for other reading, I know it’s hard to resist a good book! Check out reviews before you buy a book, get a story you love. Spend time hanging around in bookshops

    Times of inactivity can be healthy too, try to relax, go for a walk, see things, free your mind, breathe. Maybe you’ll bounce back into performance when you feel free of pressure

    Uhm.. right now I’m trying to spend less time on fb so no advice on that 😀

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    1. Lessons:
      Be an ice-cream Christian. Nothing wrong with that. Pick scriptures you feel good with, and you’ll slowly grow to embrace the mix.
      -Get books based on preferred knowledge.
      -Feel the wind!

      Got it!


      1. Ice cream Christian… I’d say stay more aware of the point, which is to hear God, and less aware of the mere duty. And also, God is interested in speaking to you, Jesus rejoiced when He opened the door to that relationship (Psalm 40:7-10, explained in Heb 10:1-8)

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  7. It has been happening to me too and i know it is a battle i must win so i take small steps and congratulate myself for it rather than sulk and the others i didnt do. Eg even if i just read a page of a Christian book and miss out on my bible and the guilt trip sets in, i look guilt in the face and say so bad for you cuz i was able to read chapter one of so so book.
    Begin by celebrating little things

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