Misgivings (or not) of unsuspecting parents

I was faffing on twitter some days ago and I came across an interesting Retweet. I did what I usually do to get the backstory of tweets, I back tracked the tweet through the original tweep’s timeline to view the tweet’s thread (I don’t know how else to explain this for non-twitter users, pardon me) and I found out a lot. A lof of information about how background invariably influences some of the sad and selfless choices we end up making. In spite of my low battery at the time, I screenshot the tweets and I shared with some friends and we ended up having conversations about it. I’ll post some of the screenshots in a bit.

Now flipping through my quora TL, I just came across an old answer to the question “What is the most unfair advantage a person can have?” I’d seen before, and I felt then, just like I do now, that it had the dopest truth you could find in an article.

Question: “What is the most unfair advantage a person can have?


Now in partly unrelated news, here are the screenshots of replies by different strangers on how something as common as parents’ love lives can affect upbringing.







How’s your story like?


4 thoughts on “Misgivings (or not) of unsuspecting parents

  1. Papa is the most misogynistic person I know, mama is the true example of for better and for worse. While I’m exhaustingly stubborn on my part, the most important virtue I give and demand in a relationship is ‘respect’, if you as much as deter from that, you can go walk the plank out of my life.

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    1. Tell it as it is! Respect brings about a lot of regard. I know some people that feel you have to be of equal stand to earn it. Equal as per age or class or similar background or tribe, etc. I’m currently having a problem with one of these kind of people, and I have to work with him daily.


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