See what happens when I count my blog blessings!

when I count my blog blessings, I count you guys a hundred and kazillion times!

I wish I have something helpful to write about but I don’t. I’ve been ecstatic all day, just because I got a notification this morning of a liked post, an old post. It got me tingling with pride. I feel like I need to explain how the feeling is. It’s a lot similar to that of how I feel, also, when someone comments on a post, or makes sincere allusion to me being a blogger. Am I? It gets me to go all ‘awwww, you think so? Oh c’m on’.

I can’t even fake that I’m totally engulfed with immense gratitude for how this blog has grown, and it has a whole lot to do with you guys. Last month, this blog turned 4years. I didn’t even realize. Jeez. If WordPress was like former Yahoo, it would have closed up this blog a longgg time ago. Reason: inactivity/crippling activity. How? See this, the total number of posts drawn up only last year is over 2 times the sum of ALL the posts drawn up the preceding years, like aggregatively, since the advent of this blog.

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But look at this progress, by this time last year I had less than 50 followers. Right now I’m past 300. And this was achieved without me having to publicize this blog on any of my social media platforms. I can’t say enough how grateful I am to you all.

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It’s no news that I don’t write fiction stories since this is a lifestyle blog, kind of like a journal, so I just wonder why you all stick around to read tales upon tales of boring adventures I like to impose on your faculties. To be frank, when drafting a note I intend sharing on here, at the point I get satisfied with what I like to think is a neat write up ready to be viewed by others, before I click publish, thoughts would swirl all over my mind. Everytime. The most recurrent is the question of what happens when a reader sees a notification from me (this blog) via mail or WordPress app refresh feeds, does s/he roll their eyes? Trust me, if you’re reading this and you roll your eyes, I’d feel the sting from all the way here! (Don’t even test it!) (Seriously don’t!). Only time eye rolling doesn’t hurt is when it’s an emoji. That one is just cute.

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What I’m trying to say is I see people roll eyes countless of times when reading stuffs on their phones or computers, and it breaks my heart. Some posts deserve it but there are the ones that haven’t even been tested. I’ve heard people say, “In this blogger’s mind she thinks she has written something sound” about some random blogger’s post. And right there, it’ll make me swallow a very lumpy? saliva because I know that could have as well been my post being read by some random someone somewhere.

But still, post after post I see views improving. Comments every now and again and I’ve had single posts that got over 50likes each. I call these maxi-encouragement and maxi-support. You cannot imagine how this goes a long way to improve my mood and confidence. I check the stats at the bottom right of the web version of this site and i see 6000+ hits. I know all these may mean nothing for some of you cool-meaningful-post writer folks but it means a gigantic lot to me, because I know I technically just built this site semi-actively only a year ago and my progress is actually decent, don’t you think.

I’ve never been consistent with the way I relate here but last year, I resolved to attempt at being consciously active, to make here more than an avenue to pass time. Most of these blessings I’m counting spring up from interactions with some of you guys that have turned to awesome friends now. Most comment streams trigger some posts, and most of your posts I read lead me to writing mine. Infact, some of your posts have inspired me to act and do things in my real life that I wouldn’t ordinarily do. The grandest of them is my decision to build my company which should happen before the end of this year (It’s actually a big deal. A start up of almost half a million for initial cost). Call me soon-to-be ePreneur. Awwww (This just goes further to reiterate the relevance of this blog to me)

Again I can’t say enough how grateful I am to you all for sticking around.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for commenting. Thank you for liking. Thank you for sharing.

For even opening the posts without reading, thank you. I’m sure you wanted to read but you remembered you might get bored and then you stopped midway, I get you. You make me always work at becoming better so that you’d get captivated by just a word, or sentence you catch while skimming through.


43 thoughts on “See what happens when I count my blog blessings!

    1. I only attached this blog’s site to my social media pages when I initially started. But When I consciously got active last year, it had about 30 followers or less. I quickly took the site off twitter and Facebook, because I thought it really was pointless.

      But how it grew (and still growing) to this extent has little to do with consistency. I barely have 2posts a month. It’s solely on involvement. I have an average of 2posts up in a month, but I read over 50posts of others same month. I gobble their contents and I share my opinion (at the least, I ‘like’ the posts). I mean, I not so subtly mark my blog presence. Lol. Yea. That should be it.
      I ask myself, how else will people know you have a blog if you’re discrete, quiet or invisible


  1. . I know all these may mean nothing for some of you cool-meaningful-post writer folks but it means a gigantic lot to me,

    This line really cracked me up.
    Keep on doing what you are doing.

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  2. Haha…I can so relate to this post. As a growing blogger, these insecurities pop up a lot.

    But I must say. Your blog is cool. I enjoyed reading this post. Congrats on your growth. And all in the best with your plans to build your company.😀

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  3. Chai.. Oluchee.. You are amazing and I think it’s the reason why your posts are amazing… I never thought of eye rolling until you mentioned it but seriously I am absolutely in love with your blog. I mean, I am checking my mail with so much anticipation and scrolling to see if there is a new post up here. Keep writing biko.. Do not stop, seriously, don’t.. Lol..

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  4. Lol.
    I laughed out loud when I got to “don’t test it “…..and I tested it! Hahahaha.
    Aside some specific style and Christain blogger, lifestyle and personal bloggers are my favourites… So your spot is right up my alley.
    Well done dear..
    And more grace to starting your company… Great goal there.


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  5. I legit smiled from the beginning to the end of this post. You must be feeling so elated. Congrats! And no, I never get tired of reading about your lifestyle. Some times funny and yet insightful. Can’t wait to see more from your end ePreneur.

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