Hello December

This time last week I was presented with some new information. One would affect my work life, and another my personal-life. New information that would change a lot of things for me, and they crawled into my life separately and concidentally about the same period, by unrelated parties. Total life-changing altering reconstructuring kind of news. And the change that would come off it isn’t the positive kind, I wish it were, and I’ll pray seriously on it. I’d talk in details about it, but I need to know more with certainty everything that needs to be known first, so I don’t come here to blow smoke.

It’s not so bad, neither is it so good. Work-wise, the new knowledge could mean a sort of upgrade, a promotion. But at the same time, it could mean retrenchment. It’s 50-50 and I can’t help the circumstance. It’s not up to me or my bosses. It has nothing to do with work performance or if there’s a lack of. A co-worker recently used an ‘earthquake’ to try to dub it, seeing as earthquakes happen by no fault of human actions. But if this could be ascribed to an earthquake, it should affect co-worker too right? Yea, well, it doesn’t. So..yea..that. (I didn’t even think of the earthquake description well enough. Earthquake is the wrongest example. The outcome from earthquakes is just disastrous. There’s never a half chance of hope glimmer. Co-worker, earthquake, really? Was she trying to tell me something I don’t know? Now you see what I mean by having insufficient information).

Personal-life wise, a church leader is having to take real interest in me. I can’t say on this blog why that should be a shocker, but trust me, IT IS. Again, at the approriate time I will maybe relay proper information. For now, I’d hate to, you know, blow smokes. I adore this man, and he’s the one person I’d rather be involved with if I were to be given a mandate to select a love prospect from anywhere, BUT. One Huge But. The situation is even more delicate than it appears, in the sense that, an untimely and under-thought move could affect pretty much a lot. To mess with, or not to mess with, that is the question.

But in both work and personal-life situations, I’ll be fine, wouldn’t you say so?

Moving onto different news, IT’S DECEMBER!

For some months now, the web version of this blog has been on a countdown to 25th – Christmas day. I just can’t explain it but the idea behind Christmas brings profound joy to my spirit. The gladness in my heart becomes immeasurable at this time of the year, it’s unbelievable. Something about this season calms my nerves and continually rejuvenates my entire being, I’m not kidding. The energy that spews out of me, you wouldn’t believe.

I know this is coming a few days late, but I have to say this still.



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5 thoughts on “Hello December

  1. Answers will come, maybe not in the way you expect but you can be rest assured that every detail in our lives of love are being worked out for good. Every detail!

    Most importantly, may His peace be your compass and His love your confidence.


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