Cash out or nah?


There’s been a lot of get-rich-quick schemes out there lately. Call it ponzi schemes, or wonderbanks, call it what you will, but they’re growing tons of believers. Trust they did not start today, they wouldn’t end tomorrow. The very common one now being the one that starts with M. There’s another not so common one and it starts with Z.

Have I mentioned how I’ve been obsessed with getting money lately? It’s ironical how the strife and hustle for me metamorphosed into gutsy overnight. Ironical because I earn a good sum monthly now and it should be assumed that I wouldn’t be in need as such, whereas before I earned zero monthly (and then my money crave was proportional).

See, now I’m additionally earning in bitcoins, I’m earning in dollars, but the trouble is they’re disappearing just as they’re coming in, I’m not understanding. I’m riskily investing here and there, I’d see it grow, I’d cash out, and then someone would need money and I’m giving it out. What! It’s almost as though everyone around me has got tabs on me, and really good private investigators helping me monitor my account (funny something. Like I could need help. I’m an Ibo girl) so they get a beep on when something drops in, and then alert someone who alerts someone else, who then forwards to me a request, and as my tender heart can’t stand to see someone plead for something I can help out with, I assist. Now I’m starting to wonder, if they can afford to hire and maintain private investigators...

Even also starting to understand why gamblers have a problem. Because now I’ve learned that once you’ve endeavoured on a fortune risk and succeed, you’d become fortified by the knowledge of triump, so much so resilience, as far as money is concerned, becomes second nature. Why? because once you’ve succeeded, say, made profit one time, you can gamble safely on that cognizance. That’s how it’s working with me. That’s how Uber, even though they’ve mounted a huge loss, the total of $1.27 billion even recently, as per just the first quarter of this year, they’re still very much active. That’s also how Samsung, even though still mounting heaps of losses, now above $5 billion (and still counting), will still choose to recover, invest again and re-introduce a new device come 2017 or early 2018. Even their newest US President elect, uncle Trump, how many times did he bounce back?

Going too far? Public personnels or companies have investors, shareholders, that share in financial losses, the risk is surmountable? But didn’t they risk money to gain money (a.k.a Get Money To Get Paid) to have gotten the exposure and influence to start with?

You’ll sigh now and say I’m rapping all these to justify unsure investments. lol. Lord have mercy. Just pray with me that I don’t do something stupid, and then come on here to beg for tears when I’d have exhausted mine. See me trying to jinx myself. sigh


11 thoughts on “Cash out or nah?

  1. “Now you i understand why gamblers have a problem” can’t stop laughing at that.
    But i would say that one should always calculate well and take risks, always making sure that one’s losses if any can be sustained or taken care of by some other risks😤

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  2. You are earning in dollars?! Looks like I have to employ my own private investigators for the next time you cash out. Lol!
    This get rich quick schemes can be addictive and dangerous,I won’t advice anybody to do it.

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