Get money to buy money 

In Nigeria now, free money is starting to compete with real gold and the other rare commodities we have in the world. Since they never come by easily, the ones you see, smart choice would be to freeze them and cherish the moment (no one really looks to spending money these days, unless you’re really not a fan of this whole life survival business).

My day into evening:

I got back from church and proceeded to counting the money realized from payments made by the sisters (my department) towards a D-day to happen early next year. I’m in charge of the accounts for that commitee. After almost 2 hrs of counting, recounting, subtracting figures and finally aware of the deficit and what I’m to balance up, my head unsurprisingly started to hurt, so I went to search for lunch. I had some. I got done, and started reading. The chapter of the book I had gotten to the previous night was Real rate and Money rate, concerning cash flow. I spent about an hour reading. Calculated a few too. And then it got abstract and entered the confusing realms, so i allowed myself get distracted to Instagram and bbm channels seeing outfits and outlooks i can’t afford, and then my App world to check some recent useful apps I could not purchase on my tab. Then it clicked in me how I’d coincidentally linked up my entire day with a common denominator – money. 

Now the matter at hand:

Towards middle of last month I was doing some hard maths that centred around buying some pounds £ or dollars $ for future safe keeping sakes. Why? Because naira against these currencies is falling like crazy. If you try to understand the situation with the economy, the oil, the imports, the policies around market values of items, see, you’ll go paranoid.

I can remember when I was in school and my friend interrogated me on my use of e-money. She caught me buying a music video from app store and thought I was being frivolous since I could just have downloaded it online for free, or streamed it via YouTube. I was on a paid internet subscription afterall, so why spend money to buy the video?

Meanwhile I never premeditate the video purchasing act. I just do it. Going through torturous rounds of to-buy or not-to-buy charades wasn’t for me. The charges on the videos were usually less than N120 or N200 after the currency conversions. The videos I bought were mostly stated as  $0.99 or $1. 99. I was with an apple device and i wasn’t going to be viewing videos of low quality when I could get an impeccable one for a merely affordable price. It wasn’t about having money. It was a price I was comfortable with exchanging for good video quality.

this has never been the case -__-

Most apps in our phones’ store, we ignore when we see an amount charge beside it. I don’t blame people, i mean, see a price set in a foreign currency and your mind tricks you into thinking that it’s probably pricey and upscale. This we assume even without doing the conversions. Not me. If it’s a potentially helpful app (with good reviews as a plus), i roughly gauge the conversions in my head and if it’s less than N250 (for about $2), then it’s ok. This was me 2years ago.

As of today, that practice is now a myth. My 2years ago, and it’s preceding years are all ancient history in the current reviews of exchange rates. If it’s not stated in local currency and your father doesn’t have a seat at one of the nation’s Senate meetings (or even a connection to somewhere that matters), please look away and head for your local market. Presently, a dollar is approaching N500 and its almost like film show. Imagine buying a music video at that rate, like my brain is paining me.

So if I can hustle some nairas now, can I go ahead to buy a few dollars /pounds and leave it in an account, so i can become a rich girl when (God forbid) the exchange rate gets to about N1000 for a $1. Because frankly, speculations are directed along that line. Because, forgive me my country, Nigeria is not a wise nation. We only do well with schemes and ploys and thievery. And I don’t wish to be on the sorry side of life when the calamity unfolds.



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