Ordinary days, What happened

a_delicate_soundThus far I’ve been having average days that roll into average weeks. It’s so bad that events that otherwise would have been ordinary, are now being looked forward to so cherishingly. And the memories, I kind of have to hold on to them, and make them halt at the top tier of my reflections (so they don’t sink and get shaded by the bulk of nothingness going on around me). Just like the event that happened some fridays ago that I haven’t let go of, which in hindsight I should, and maybe stop bringing it up during convos, eyes are beginning to roll nowadays 😦

What happened was, I got a ticket for a free manicure. The lucky aspect was the proximity of the venue to my workplace. Also that it was scheduled 30mins after work hours (manicure arranged in heaven!). The location, the friendly aura about the place, the attendants, everything got me giggling almost all through. The experience was similar to one of those treatments you watch them give actors in movies. You come out with that cloud 9 feeling, even though not so much as changed physically. But for the first time I got a 7k manicure done for free and I was supposed to act like my ordinary nails were still ordinary? Let them keep rolling their eyes biko.

The only other event that happened that interrupted the daily averageness from reccurring and thwarting the days from zooming past like wind, happened last week during the two-days public holiday. I almost missed the event! I’m a part of some group that decided to host a get-together on the second day of the holiday. Attendance was somewhat mandatory (so that, invested resources don’t waste). As a check, they forced (good) contribution towards the event from almost everyone. That way, you just want to be present to enjoy your contribution. I made arrangements with my plus one a week prior to the occasion, because car and company. On the set day, 3hrs after the set time I hadn’t even bathed and I wasn’t close to my house. Imagine. My plus one even called an hr before the set time to come pick me up and I told him I’d be ready soon.

What happened was, the day before that day was also a public holiday and there was brunch to happen that day. I wasn’t too conversant with the venue for the brunch, and google mapping was getting me infuriated. So guess what I did. I stayed home and did my laundry instead 😐 Then I decided to change my hairstyle that I’ve had on for less than 2weeks. And I thought I should fix my nails too. In that order. The salon I chose was one I disliked because the hairdresser pulls my hair too harshly, but my regular stylist was unavailable (maybe due to the celebration). If I hadn’t already taken off my weaves, I wouldn’t have bothered with the hair again. I hesitatingly let her do the hair, and after 3hrs of complaining and adjusting and pulling, she was done and I hated the result. But I thought I could manage it, so I paid and vamoosed.

The next day I realized I couldn’t. I went to my regular stylist but she was still unreachable. 2phonecalls and hours and promises later, I was positioned at the front of a mirror at her salon, with half of my newly made braids taken off, ready to be remade again. Yes. Imagine. It was past 11am by then. So when plus one was calling for updates, I just had to keep giving excuses about how Nigerian timing prevailed at events as such, and arriving at the venue around noon was my plan. Yea, right.

But the trouble was, his house had started to itch him and there was the danger of him losing interest and I couldn’t let that happen. Because, then what would happen to my ride and company? So I had to lie that I was ready just so that he could be on his way to my crib, also on the condition that he let me know when he got close by. He did, and that was the time I hurriedly left the salon. The hair was ready by then. I dashed home, bathed, did my make-up and got ready in less than 15mins. Only after that, that the day got unaverage. But just for a few hours and then it was back to average.

Pls I’m begging, invite me to your baby’s naming ceremony or your cousin’s friend’s wedding 😦


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