When did you first truly decide?

At what point did it fully occur to you that life was happening momentarily?

That decisions had no trial periods and once you’ve made your choice, you’ll have to live through the next hour, day, month in its effect? And even if there were a test-run period,  whatever would happen from it, would also have passed time in life and wouldn’t be edited or cancelled out.

That each and every one of us has the exact time frame in space, so collectively, our days do not happen in batches, or in acts and scenes. Individually they occur sequentially, but as a people they occur concurrently, making our singular decision(s) capable of altering another person’s day(s) or life. Your life is happening at the exact moment as the next person.

That ultimately, you are responsible for your actions, whether or not you had a hand in whatever decisions you are having to live through presently.

That doors may open, and opportunities may come, but they may not be your opportunities to accept, or your doors to pass through.

That being conscious of the present, aware of the past and concerned about the future don’t really add up to making decisions easier. It doesn’t at all.

That at some point, you’re just on your own in thoughts, trying to arrive at a safe, sound and agreeable option…

At what point did you first decide and go, “Oh, This is what I should do!”



11 thoughts on “When did you first truly decide?

  1. For me, I’d say when it just hit me that I was only existing and breathing and eating and sleeping — and I was growing older and hella bored!
    I wasn’t living and I badly wanted to
    And so changes took place

    (Great blog you got here, I really like 👏)

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    1. I like that you took control and took over your life. Not everyone will admit to themselves that they are having a bad life when they are, and know it.
      Thanks for commenting (and complimenting) ^^


  2. I think I first realized really really that life choices can’t be altered after my first degree and then recently completed National Service. It’s a had realization but a good one to come earlier than too late.

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  3. For as long as I can remember, I have always had this theory in mind, that no one person or act or event is isolated and that anything we say or do changes the course of history forever and affects every other living thing on Earth but I really only started to consider the effects of my thoughts, actions etc just a few years ago. Sometimes, I wish i never did.

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    1. sometimes I even feel like I’m no longer living for myself. If at every point, I have to weigh the choices and consider short/long term effects before acting… It gets pretty boring for me, not cautious.

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