About Anniversaries

Why I haven’t spoken about my new job is what I don’t know, and it’s been almost a month on it, and it’s been great! I would go into details now but I really just want to talk about today’s significance in my now History as regarding the workplace. So maybe details would fit into another post.

Today is supposed to be my 1 month work anniversary (yayyyy), but a colleague here had to be a mathematics grinch and poop all over the whole shebang. Something about accurate counting being effected in days and not in weeks, and hours this and that… Look at! What’s wrong with him? He wasn’t even finished, he even had to make a maths count for our friendship anniversary too, which, in his register, is 2days before my work anniversary (my register shows a day after, but we voted to stay with his date :|). So since he already took the flurry from the presumed occasion, I was left with shutting my mouth, agreeing that I still have a few days before the anniversary can be marked, and letting him get crazy with the awwwws, which i knew he was doing for my pleasure. Please don’t roll your eyes and don’t stop reading. You read work anniversary and friendship anniversary correctly.

strawberry_chocolate_mini_cakeYes I’m that type of person. My friends know this! Especially, one hyper sanguine Ijeoma, who will laugh so hard if she sees this because all she’ll be remembering is my ex, the one while in the Uni, whom I did a ‘Happy 2-weeks Anniversary’ cake for, after we had only been as a couple for 2weeks. This was back in 2013 (2014?). And before you go really? Only 2weeks? Let me say that, at that time, it was just a spur of the moment sparkle, so No! this anniversary business is neither weekly nor monthly. To explain, I’d say my anniversary roll (Anni Count) happens like 1-3-6-12-36-60….. That is, after the first month, the next should be a 3-month, then a 6-month and then lastly, a year. (Subsequently, only yearly. Which I’m thinking of changing to milestone in months. Say 20months, or 25 …30 …50 …100.. you get?).

It’s really only just a mental acknowledgement notice, not celebratory one. The 2weeks business was acted on spontaneity by my spirit, but usually, the Anni count is just my absolute, and it’s basically to amuse myself and mark how far I’ve been able to attain consistency, a quality I’ve pursued and sustained for most aspects of my life. Sometimes I’m impressed with myself and I have to give myself a treat, my way of patting myself on my back. Hence, the celebrated ones, like today would have been (I brought along a cupcake). I’m actually typing this and laughing because people usually think I’m either joking or being ridiculous, but I’m really just being me. And not just because it’s about me, if you were my friend, I’ll be all over yours or I could plan yours for you.

Mind you, It’s not so much a queer quality because I noticed there are people like this too. I mean, this my colleague did not get weird out by it like a lot of people are, he even  introduced a count and a date, for subsequent anniversaries. My friend, Femi, on my birthday in June, called me a little past midnight, as he does every year, quickly chanted the birthday recitations like he was being forced to, after which he proceeded to commending himself. According to him, I deserved to give him a sort of appreciation for his precise timing for 15years in a row of ‘Past midnight birthday calls’. Please who was counting? He said he was. Are you sure it’s been 15years? Yes, if it hadn’t been, I wouldn’t mention it until it was..wow

[Don’t let me get started on what he does when his purchased clothes get to certain numbers!]

Now that person is the one we should call quirky. Most of you guys also have funny quirks I’m so sure of that!


14 thoughts on “About Anniversaries

  1. OMG! I really can’t stop laughing….
    You know, you really should be a Korean or migrate to South Korea like seriously.
    They are the ones I know takes anniversaries quite seriously… They do the 100days relationship count, 100days to exams count, etc…
    Its cool though, I take friendship anniversaries quite seriously though

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      1. Yea yea that’s how they are, don’t know about north Korea but the south Koreans are actually like that about anniversaries. Oya I am half Korean, half Nigerian so come be my friend #smiles

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  2. I’m quite particular about anniversaries too though. My birthday is something my friends never forget and when it comes to relationship, although I’m usually excited bout the milestone I don’t exactly celebrate or something. I take friendship anniversary to mind too.

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