I totally believe African Juju 2

I posted this the last time i was online about 4 or 5days ago, as the second part of I totally belive African Juju 1. But wordpress, in their supreme authority, didn’t feel like posting it then, or maybe it was just my internet struggle. Either way, WordPress/Internet 1 – Oluchee 0. No hard feelings. This post is not brief at all (grammar for ‘long post’. lol), but i don’t feel like dividing it into another Part, bear with me.

magicIn my contemporary dictionary there are such things as mini juju and maxi juju. There are such labels as juju artists..juju spells..juju performances. This is not to indicate any sort of foul play though, because I know if i were reading something and I saw ‘performance this’ ‘artist that’, i’ll just think “les entertainment”. But these ones aren’t entertainment focused. Saying it with such labels only gives prominence to the modernity in juju practices, seeing as the nature of the juju charms and effects hasn’t changed any bit from how they were fashioned and evoked during the 60s and 70s. If any change at all, unlike before, now every Tom, Dick and Harrieta can get their hands on any charm when they desire to. They can grow a juju tree at the backyard, you’d think it was a vegetable garden.
Africa my Africa Nigeria my Nigeria

For all I know and have heard/seen, you don’t need so much for a mini juju. The charms could be worked into something as a tictac gum.. or powder…handkerchief. Really there are lots of ways. Nollywood has shown us well. About 2years ago my sister fell victim to one of these sly artists. She was headed for the supermarket before she was stopped by a stranger to confirm a direction to some place. The minute she replied, the guy’s juju took effect and she instantly got hypnotized in the middle of the street with people walking back and forth. How it appeared, passerbys would assume they were two friends talking. This guy changed my sister’s itinerary and made her take him to her bank where she withdrew all the cash in her account (to the last kobo) and handed it over to him. Then she thanked him and he moved on. It was until he wasnt within sight anymore that she regained consciousness and realized what happened. Somehow, unlike hypnotism, she was aware of what she was doing while at the act, but she couldn’t decipher any negative notion to it. To her understanding at the time, what she was doing was what she was supposed to be doing at that time.

Another similar occurence was with my friend’s friend. He was seen carrying his flat screen across the road (heavy something), and when his friends stopped him and inquired the reason, he said he didn’t know but someone asked for it. They trailed him, found out the ‘someone’ and almost beat him to death. A tyre was even thrown over him…

If you saw the movie Love Portion no. 9 that starred Sandra Bullock back in the 90s, you’d know mini juju is one of the oldest in the book. These days it takes effect even just by brushing shoulders with the juju artist or by giving alms to a beggar along the road. My neighbor’s colleague got missing for 3days. When found and asked to give account of her whereabouts, she couldn’t make out coherent sentences. She said she was called back by the beggar whom she dropped money for into a pan and then found herself in a bushy environment being hassled to bring her child. But she had no children and she explained that to them but they doubted her, and so tortured her. She remembered being left alone and had to trek some distance to some road before she was found and brought to wherever she was later recognized and taken home. Mini jujus.

Maxi juju involves heritage or lineage or tradition. Awon witchcraft. You couldn’t ordinarily possess the charms as easily like the mini juju. Also, the power of the maxi juju is followed by hierarchy of some sorts too. So the juju artists are not all equal in juju strength. Some years back my cousin in school was at this hall with a couple of other students at night reading. If i start to give the details of what happened around 2am to the early hours of the morning, it would sound make-believe. Just know a turning of 2 vultures into badly bruised little girls was involved after the birds collided in the hall, proceeding into a weird bird bloody fight that led to the change, right in the front of about 20something students. My cousin was in shock for weeks and missed her first exam. She kept seeing how the talons of each bird pierced into the other and beaks tapping in. The pain perhaps caused the birds to morph. The entire school became involved, the hall became forbidden to trepass henceforth. If I mention the name of the school it wouldn’t come as a surprise to some people.

magic_3Anywho, all these voodoos and charms, since not having been affected personally, I took with pinches of salt until I caught myself that day (the day that caused this Part 1) seriously advicing a friend to be careful for I feared strongly he was leading himself on to be jazzed, naturally as regards his romantic pursuits; typically due to his lunatic exes, but more importantly, the most current ex. Because if the sacrifices he claimed she took for him were close to half true, I’m just as sure as any Nigerian would be, that she would voodoo charm him into marriage eventually and reduce his destiny into a ball on her fist, and I told him that. But when he dismissed it by claiming she was a good Christian, i didn’t even know when I told him to calm down on overrating people’s Christianity. Me. I said so and he was just staring at me blankly like I had been possessed. I think I had been, because I went on, like in a narrative.

I told him a lot more people were icecream Christians than devouts, picking the scriptures that please their tastes and abiding by it, leaving out the ones that don’t sit well with them. Or practicing out of context. Some people can make themselves believe some sins are excusable because the motive behind them are fair. Afterall they don’t participate in offenses that put their fellow humans at risk or harm’s way. So they will consciously indulge in little atrocities they feel are shadows in comparison to what they discern are the real sins. This is the world we live in. But personally, I feel you shouldn’t just dismiss the idea that a person can entertain the use of charms simply because you think they are bound by religion. It’s the same religion that dubs common faults like backbiting, slandering, backtalks, odd passions, misguided flirts, obscured and undefined relationships and many more acts as SINS. This we all know and still indulge in almost every hour of a day consistently and consciously without even deeming it right to ask for forgiveness because it’s a common sin yea. You did not kill, or worship an idol or those other major Commandments, so heaven still awaits. Juju practices nowadays, in some states, with some tribes, in some family lineage, whether you like to believe it or not, is likened to that common sin. The stigma attached isn’t as it was back in the days.

Not that you should doubt the goodness in people, or be suspicious of those you know you’ve wronged, but it’s safer to be cautious and live less oblivious of these mystics. I read somewhere that anybody can kill if the time and circumstances are right. How much more ordinary charms. Especially as the ones in favor of it are usually convinced of their good intentions. Anybody can give in if the persuasions are properly directed at the right time and circumstance, I believe.

So growing up in a religiously divided home, even with my mum being possessed of a less domineering disposition, I’ve in fact adopted an undeclining faith in the Lord, and I regard my entirety to Him. I beseech you, fellow brethren, to yearn towards same. Lol. But even if I believe juju is real, its only just the reality of the society we live in and should come to accept is inevitable and might not just be transitory. Meanwhile, I don’t believe IN juju, for I know the God I serve. I know that if God is for me, who can dare to be against me? He says He has given us the authority over all the power of the enemy and nothing by any means shall hurt me; that no weapon formed against me shall prosper. And in all things, I’m more than a conqueror through Him!


25 thoughts on “I totally believe African Juju 2

  1. Have you ever heard of the drug “scopolamine” and if you have, don’t you agree your sister may have just been a victim of its use?
    JIC you haven’t, here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyoscine_hydrobromide#Crime
    You’re welcome.
    PS: I liked your 7th paragraph the most! (This is the part where everyone will scroll back up, count the paragraphs and either bob their head in agreement or just roll their eyes or both!😁)

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  2. Lol one time coming back from school, I gave my sister money to buy some food for a beggar I met on the road. For weeks after that, my sister had nightmares about the beggar after that. Juju is not something to be triffled with lol.

    The story about the guy carrying is TV set is just too funny….

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  3. Wounder post. I read all through. Lol Like you zig zag way of writing which i do sometimes. I like the part about ensuring your path so that “juju” don’t hold you even the bible says a curse without cause won’t hold but there is cause oops. In Christ we are so covered

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  4. It is always fun to see undiluted plain writing, no fancy language and a good topic. I too believe that despite the fact that we believe in God, ignoring the idea that Juju exist will be plain stupid. I have an experience so I would know.
    Hope you friend sees the ‘light’ lol.

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  5. Couldn’t read the whole article, but this is what Paul said in the book of ephesians “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

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  6. I can relate to this post. There is evidence that juju really does exist and I’ve heard of a similar story from a friend about being duped with juju. Africa history is laced with occultism and I doubt modern religions have been able to clear all. However, being a believer reduces whatever harm that might come from this so called juju.

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  7. “I told him a lot more people were icecream Christians than devouts, picking the scriptures that please their tastes and abiding by it, leaving out the ones that don’t sit well with them.”

    So funny but so so well depicted. Your writing makes me want to be Nigerian sha… LOL

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      1. 😂😂😂 I’ll have your brother on my list then… Since he’s recommended, I’ll push him up….
        Welcome Oluchee

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  8. “Even if I believe juju is real, its only just the reality of the society we live in”. I can’t agree more, greater is he that is in me but while quoting that we should also remember the saying that “wisdom is profitable to direct”. Nice one my presupposed wife

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