I totally believe African Juju 1

magicThough by my mum alone, I was raised a good Christian, I and my siblings we were. Ok maybe my dad tried a bit, with his yells (only on Sundays) for us to leave the house for church before we make his wife (my mum) yell again for same reason, so on that account let’s say one too many times he caused us to be on time for Praise session (which is my favorite part of a sunday service btw). But I’ve never seen my dad go to a church or pray or do any one of those christianie things, like read through daily devotionals, or hum a christian hymn while doing stuffs. I do know he used to be a good christian, at least before he got married to my mum. No no.. there’s really no correlation why he isn’t anymore. Lmao if anything my mum is one person capable of winning anybody’s soul to Christ! If not anyone else, she tried with my brother.

Haha there’s this thing that happened that kind of amazed us all. My brother was about 11yrs or so then. One Sunday he had this crazy loud talk back session with mumsi, and then she said something which I think pretty much aggravated him, because he just got up, got ready and left for church without us. He didn’t have breakfast, he just bathed and walked out with his Bible. It was one of those his preteen periods mumsi liked to call his “growing wings” period. Anywho, about 20mins or thereabout he  was back home, but he was gone again as quickly and angrily as he came. I had this cousin that was living with us then. She came upstairs and told us that she inquired from him, just before he left, why he came back and he said he was almost at church before he remembered he didn’t take his offering money and he didn’t have extra cash on him. So he came back to get it. It was just N50. I thought that was adorable. He didn’t want to cheat God. At least that’s how mumsi made us think. After every week a token should go to God because he made the money happen in the first place and he can unmake it just as easily. So the token was sposed to mean ‘thank you, and please You can send more’. But back then I wouldn’t even have done what he did even as I was older. I mean, if I was angry with someone back then, nothing else good or bad would have mattered. So yea, my mum didn’t raise no cheats. Lol

With my dad, he just drifted away spiritually for reasons best known to him I guess. But he was raised in a Catholic home, just like my mum was too. My mum told us one time about how my dad served mass (they call them alter boys in catholic I think) all through his teenage years while in the village. Yes, both my parents are from the same state, just different towns. How boring is that. She saw him a couple of times in church (one central catholic church where neighboring town villagers had to attend for a general mass once a month i think) and she didn’t really register it back then because it was the norms for kids in the village to rotate amongst themselves being alter servants. I don’t know how it works though, if its by the family’s choice or there are selective processes involved. I assume my mum told us about my dad’s christian upbringing so we don’t think he’s an atheist or a pagan or whatnot, so we don’t let his unchristlike attitude get in the way of our baby faith and spiritual maturity. Lol.

Well, it wasn’t absurd to think that because, you see, again somehow my dad is a real traditionalist. When we were younger, we used to travel to the village once every year for iri ji (New Yam Festival. I’m from the south-eastern zone. Umuahia to be precise (Abia state “God’s own state” holla)). Coincidentally summer vacations fall in the same month they organise these festivals. August periods. So we’d spend the long vacation seeing farmlands and firewoods and running with masquerades. It’s a big festival there, i don’t know how it is in other South eastern zones in Nigeria tho. But my village people don’t joke with it. Sometimes we even spend Xmas in the village whenever my dad didn’t get fully satisfied with the summer break period. He even started showing himself well there with contributions and erecting stuffs so much so he started to get recognized.. yada yada…
****This is now turning into a ‘daddy gist’ post which isn’t the plan, but if it’s not too late, Happy Father’s day dad! I love you way more than a fat kid loves cake!

But really, now I feel like I’m in the centre of an empty room, randomly typing this with a typewriter, striking the keys one after the other -ASDF spacebar JKL; – as taught in school, pausing to think every 5mins, and it appears as though I’m digressing, like I’m typing this for the sake of giving information because Chynanu just wrote recently about Christianity in her new Jesus’ series (Please read it here). But No o. Lmao with the title, I just feel like I should give a backstory to authenticate my religious/unreligious background because I realized yesterday that I actually really believe in juju and I don’t know how to feel about it. Since this is getting long, I’ll just add the number 1 to the title and then complete this in the next post where I’ll add number 2 to the title.


21 thoughts on “I totally believe African Juju 1

  1. Believe in juju?
    So you believe people can turn to bird and fly at night?
    And that witches have a funny laugh and a big drums at their midnight meetings?

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    1. I’m sure you’re saying this as a joke.. 😐
      But it is real. In some tribes some humans can turn into birds. I can’t believe I’m confirming it, its crazy shit and im the most sane person you would ever meet

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  2. I am here commenting with ASDF [space bar] JKL. That is a classic…
    I will wait for part 2 to truly understand how you totally believe in African Juju.
    Note: I can’t neither deny nor confirm my belief in African juju. Hehehe

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  3. Lol. Well you still try to stay afloat the slippery mat of drifting writing though. Well what can I say since you def believe in juju, lol.
    When i was very young i remember mumsy took me to an ifa priest to have a protective incision on my body. I protested but finally yield after so much beating. Why I protested was because we just left church a few hours ago that very day. My young mind was confuse trying to balance and equate the romance that exists between church and a shrine..
    Well Anybody is permitted to believe anything because it works for them. Juju is real, Jesus is real. Jesus saves but jujunism cannot.

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      1. Lol… You wanna hear the remaining gist? I ran off after two or three cut. That was then though. I wasn’t a believer then, still very much a Muslim but I don’t mosque either. I was simply a religious surfer back then

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