being Ungrateful goodly


We do not get to choose the life we get born into, and when we try to make better what we have, or aim higher towards what we’d rather prefer, we become tagged ungrateful. Ungrateful to God. Because our gratitude as sentient beings should be pronounced and reflected in our doings, any reaching further than the position you’ve been graced into and you’re greedy. Accept your family. Accept you’re less than the Supreme Being. Accept you’re not perfect. Accept that which is beyond your control.

Learn to be what you are and learn to resign with good grace all that you’re not

But there’s a loophole.

You can be ungrateful when it is redirected towards a seemingly right decision path. That’s the only time the ungrateful tag works good, because then it is stripped off the original meaning for the tag and replaced with ambitious. zealous. aspiring. Then, it will be ok to aim higher than your present state, refuse your weaknesses and make better of them, strive for what appears too grand; it will be ok to be greedy.
And that time, ungrateful tags that appear in the form of vain, superficial, disgruntled looks and discontented acts, those kind would be the only wrong kind of ungrateful.


6 thoughts on “being Ungrateful goodly

  1. I love this.
    But for me, in all honesty I think that those who quickly tag an ambitious person “ungrateful” because they’re supposed to “embrace” where they come from are simply a bunch of green eyed lazy butts.

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    1. Hehe people just don’t see things the way others do, and they won’t have the patience to try to understand. They’ll open mouth and say “ungrateful”


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