But mistakes do happen..

there__s_doubt__there__s_truthLearn from the mistakes of others. You can never live long enough to make all the mistakes yourself

But may I try what you tried that turned into a mistake and see what my trial could turn into? My fingers might be magic.

Are there times when you feel like you don’t want to be corrected, you want to do what you want to do and if you fail, or if you’re wrong, you’re willing to face the consequences? The times when you’re certain of something, or not so certain and you want to try anyway because you’ve done extensive calculations and your guts have given a go-ahead, but you get pulled down and scolded like a little child by others, even being sampled similar past events and actions of people so you see how those failed and how you would too, and no one takes your side? You’ve had one of those?

I feel like I’m communicating in rhethorics. All I want is to make my mistakes without anyone telling me how I should have known better and then downplay my efforts. This sounds maybe stupid at a time when we’re supposed to save this valuable time and be productive with as many hours as we can manage – life being tougher and a lot more competitive than generations ago; time being scarcer especially when you count off the hours you spend drowsy, sleeping or in traffic (if you’re in a place like Lagos). It’s funny that we spend an average of 6hrs daily in traffic commuting to and fro wherevers.

There was this proverb when I was growing up, “Learn from the mistakes of others, so you’ll come by easily what others strived so hard for”. As true as this is, I believe “mistakes” can be relative, though not in the sense of someone’s meat being another’s poison, but, some successes could only have happened if you noticed a trend in your errors and flipped them, and if you didn’t make those mistakes, you wouldn’t get quite the fulfillment out of those endeavors like you did after. Sometimes I just feel like there are necessary mistakes to produce that great substance in the long run.

Don’t get me wrong, there are those 100% epic fail mistakes where you will only be applying foolishness to repeat the order, because you will fail and then see you only wasted precious time. And there are successes you come by where you wouldn’t have to have gone through several severe mistakes. There are established formulas, built-in procedures, tried and tested work- we just have to know the difference between all these and ordinary failed intuition.


8 thoughts on “But mistakes do happen..

  1. Mistakes are relative in the sense that the circumstances surrounding when the mistakes of others you are trying to learn from might surely be different from the current circumstances you might be trying to apply such ‘learning’ to presently.

    The truth is as humans, we sometimes aren’t exempted from what makes us humans – the ingraine ability to mess up. Surely there might be markers from others of we are following their footstep s but aside that we are permitted to make mistake and then learn on our own terms.

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  2. Sometimes. But you really need to be sure that you’re not simply following your intuition and that there are definitive markers for others to follow.
    One of the most important lessons i learned is that success leaves clues.
    Anyhoo, make your mistakes. That’s how you will succeed.

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  3. lool. Angiee!
    I think mistakes are relative.They are a summation of all our various demons. lool! those demons will always come around to play with you. They will bring along some of your favorite toys.
    There was one such toy i couldn’t stop playing with. it was really ***that type you unconsciously end up telling ur grand children about***..

    I also think mistakes can become obsolete or less fashionable. lool! Mistakes are bound to happen but i dont want to make the ones that cant be re-mixed or re-invented. I want to make the type i can coach in or at least proudly ***sit on my low straw chair and prolly get deja-vu(ed) watching my grand-kids play with their demons on my roof top*** jst moments before i join my ancestors.

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    1. Please where do you get your theories from😂😂 stay away from me and my future kids! I don’t want them hearing how mistakes are from… demons? 😭😂

      But I get you! Yes.. I also would not like mistakes that come in form of regrets


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