murmurs on Style!

There are four categories of people with wardrobes of clothes and accessories.
The people that grow to define their style, The people that dress according to trends, The people that choose to stay with a particular trend even after the fashion world has moved onto something contrastingly conspicuous and different (these ones are on point trend-wise, but not always), and the last category belong to The people that just wear what fits and is affordable.

imageI’ve learned to quit making judgements (open judgements not silent ones) at those with overrated fashion opinions who, in the real sense, have little or no simple fashion sense. I don’t mean that to condescend anyone, just trying to point out that some of us, while growing, made so many fashion blunders or were typically unfashionable even when at the time we seemed so interested in the fashion world. This does not mean a guy has to be on a bow-tie before suggesting something of the bow-tie industry to someone in need of a bow-tie knowledge, No. You could wear, even a knitted tie (funny something in vogue now), and still reel off ideas on how a bow-tie can be engaged appropriately, even if you’re never seen on one. Or you probably haven’t ever owned any stilettos but still can give concrete suggestions on how to pair them on attires, or rotate around colours.

I just have a tinie weenie problem with those that act dominant and feel they have Masters in Trend-ology and are Professors in Dress Code Colleges thereby entitled to form cliques that generate fashion judgements and gabble about dress mistakes, even while dressed with a cover shoe on a flowing dress (I’m not sorry).

imageI remember the trend era when it was fashionable to look monotonous – red eyeshadow while wearing a red top. If you used a red bag and red shoes to go with it, everyone would compliment you with nothing short of ‘marvelous’. But in this era, looking monotonous is a sore to the eyes, like you got lost under a rock for half a decade. Though there are occasions they make ok and pull off good, but..

A time during my pre-uni years I and a couple of friends had to meet up for a casual event, so we agreed to assemble at a friend’s house so we’d all walk together to the venue. This friend wasn’t ready at the time we clustered at her crib -wardrobe malfunction. She picked a blue jeans and was trying on a black top to see if it would suit. Back Then, it was a fashion error to match a blue with a black. Yes. Lol. It was early this century. So it was an appreciable act when we all flagged down the combination choice without mercy, and quickly got to work to remedy the wounded fashion hearts we possessed. Someone went on to pick a white buttoned shirt, matched it with the bootcut jeans. Someone else got her a wide silver studded white buckle belt that held the waist of the jean. Blue eyeshadow(because blue jean), glimmer lip gloss(because studded belt), white ballet shoes(because white shirt. Plus pumps/wedges weren’t a thing then). She was good to go! (Notice the extensive details on looks, please form a mental picture and try not to laugh).

Knowing what I know now, she looked like a hippie and we all looked like aspiring assistant hippies (she was too cool for school, someone had to carry her white purse). In our defence that was in conformance to the dress-sense mindset of people at that age and time. Only the strongest elite kids dressed back then almost as modern as we do now. Ironically, we felt they were the ones with little fashion agreeability. Now a floral blue-white chiffon shirt tucked into a black pant trouser, with a peach colored jacket over it, an ash heel peep toes! Old fashion me would have died out of this fashion abomination, because I would have thought it was.

imagePS: This is a random picture. A friend sent this picture at this wedding and she inspired this post. I’ll pull this picture down if this is seen as stalky and discourteous. My friend judged against this look while claiming fashion police (Imagine! I’m just looking at her pretending I think she’s high on wedding cake).


14 thoughts on “murmurs on Style!

  1. For me, the rule is simple….cover the nakedness since Adam has made that compulsory but do it to fit you and please your sense of satisfaction before stepping out….I have never knotted a tie and don’t think I would before or after the day I say “I do”.


    1. Your rule is *very* on point, and surprisingly embracing. You haven’t knotted a tie..?? How do you… where do… why do…

      *drinks glass of water to get calm*


    1. Lol you sound like you’ve been under their lens and you needed to slap one but the opportunity did not show. I’m kidding tho. Most of them get over their heads


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