Love confession from a loved heart

love_by_jennibambaniIt’s very ok to love someone, and then feel hurt after when you feel you’ve been betrayed. And even after that, make up and then love the person back, and more. If you say Love is so many things but not betrayal and inconsiderate, you’re correct. Love also is not vengeance or unforgiving. It certainly is not acting like you deserve perfection and all things nice, no flaws. Just like the dream cars you imagine with the top of the world engine, or the houses your architect dream self builds, top of the world design. Or that smartphone… If you remember well, pictures of things that are loved in imagination are loved for a reason ->Perfection in some way.

I never meant any of those reactions/expressions you felt I did. I don’t care if you’ll forgive me if they were real, because they are not. And I hate that you’ll have felt all those stuffs all these while. To think that you’d even think that I could possibly give you attitude. You’re the one good thing happening to me at the moment and it’ll be stupid of me to jeopardize it. If only you have any idea how much I place you in my head and heart..

If sometimes you let ego aside and let out your heart fully, you’ll enjoy love just as much as Romeo did, even St Valentine. They were also human. Flesh. They, individually, did not have special abilities to love. Neither did they love well because they were particularly overly capable. Like they just had love genes like no other. Anyone can love anyone. So many things encourage love. So many. Documentary videos when animals care for their young ones (not the survival of the fittest part), majority like 90% of movies, whether the main plot is built on love or not; the Bible (I had to mention this somehow. After all, in it, love is the greatest commandment), books have hints here and there. Interestingly, contrary to how the world seem to have advanced and taken matters, life encourages love.

I know I don’t say I love you to you as much as you do, or even as often as you’d love to hear it, but I feel it just as much as anyone who’s possibly in love can. I’m sorry for the wrongs I’ve done to you.. I never want to be the reason you’ll feel bad in any way…

Just knowing how it feels like to be loved and to love, I dare you to choose to remain in oblivion. That place where nothing exists and nothing seem to matter. Where you get to say your own things and act your own way, and no one would care just as much as you. And everyone loves a little care. Kid yourself as much as you want to, but there’s a not-so-thin-but-thin-all-the-same line between care and love. When you receive the caring, or you can do the caring, the loving won’t be so hard. Unconsciously, it will begin from liking, and then like-liking, then loving in a not so sibling way – if you can help it. If you think about it, love is a choice. Sometimes a choice you can’t help.

I don’t know why I’m crying now. I never can get tired of you telling me you love me. You’ve hardly even said it right sef. You still need more practice. Lol I love you. I do..

Perhaps one too many times, the task behind the loving someone bit makes the whole love process enormously discomforting. You know, when you know you have to do this and that for the person, or give up something to help while not in the mood to give up the thing, or to help. A little grumble here and there will follow, and you’ll start to think love should be easy and not feel like a burden. You’re right. There’s no 2 definitions. Love is either one thing, or the other; not the two things. Love cannot be easy and difficult at the same time. But it is easy. The idea of doing things or cutting off your hand for someone else will come easy, because love. This is not to say Love is irrational or thoughtless, love is just blind. It doesn’t care for loss (if the love is right). It will just come through when you feel it for the next person.
I’m saying too much. But to help talk, some great man called Paul wrote this.
“If i speak with human eloquence and angelic ecstasy but don’t love, I’m nothing but the creaking of a rusty gate…. Love never gives up. Love cares more for others than for self. Love doesn’t want what it doesn’t have. Love doesn’t have a swelled head. Doesn’t force itself on others. Isn’t always ‘me first’. Doesn’t keep scores of the sins of others. Puts up with anything…Always looks for the best, never looks back, but keep going to the end. Love never dies. Inspired speech will be over some day; understanding will reach its limit. We know only a portion of the truth and what we say about God is always incomplete. But for right now, until the completeness, trust steadily in God, hope unswervingly, love extravagantly!”

There. That’s itlove_is


4 thoughts on “Love confession from a loved heart

  1. Everything bn said here are d facts about love but it actually doesn’t apply to what we face now wit love,we r in a give nd take economy of love, an economy that very individual speaks freely and wishes NT to b challenged about running the affairs of love,if we decide to hold seminars to educate people on love it’s apparently a waste of time.for me I think love changes it’s trend according to how the century scrolls by guess we should just walk wit it.


  2. i didnt want to comment on this at first but on a second thought, i felt i should, even if it only means some one read this piece of urs,i did …….
    pardon me if i sound crazy but d world is highly insane and to be morally sound is stupid. you talk about love like it was d 19th century; when d best tins in life wea free, love used to be d best of them all. Now, love is quite expensive and who do we blame? the economy? the church? the society?…..lool
    I choose to blame our parents who handed down institutions to us without closely monitoring what we do with them. I like to think they overrated our affinity to destroy than build, afteral, thats what babies do. So its a competition of whose baby is most creative. Hence; when they asked us to be wise – we gave them baby mama , we gave them contract love , then they sacrificed our tender hearts and replaced them with hard rocks……they say its ‘a heart of gold’ – a pure heart, (lool) but its jst a heart of stones.
    Lets go back to wen i first ventured into love,
    it felt like alcohol, no, it felt more like super-spider man… but i was innocent. i guess she dumped me cos she embrassed the technology while i refused – the technology that exchange her heart of flesh for a heart of gold. Alcohol became water, spider man died and Doctor Octopus ruled in my nightmares so i ran to church (lool). I love God no doubt *sobs* but i dont want to be a monk. I knew i wud find anoda who doesnt have technology in her or one who is’nt aware of the technology at all nd make sure they dont get aware of it. so if she needs life to be easier and faster , i will be spiderman and if feeling on top of the world is her thing then we wud hav more alcohol.
    She continues to shine as i heard, her gold has bin tru fire from several fire men. They say she’s hot now and that the fire man is not, *laughs* thanks to facebook.
    I moved on to four others but like the first, they are with the technology so here i am and few others alone and refusing the technology .
    However, we are young and creative and encouraged to be more creative than even our peers. Hence; the need for another technology that will make the former absolete xcept that it wud b calld a virus. It simply fights the technology by seperating the fireman from the Gold so that they wud say he is now hot and other firemen notices him; in the flash of his eyes, the smoothness of his legs, the swing of his hips, the slutry of his tongue and *smiles* his heart of flesh. Now he is hot, the fire man is hot also. – the virus.
    For this cause, i understand and when it is done, we can return to the 19th century and teach our kids the right things.

    jst like… Mcbeechee’s Idle Head
    i think any thing.


  3. to think that after so many days of keeping my hopes high, you finally blew it out of the open on the most talked about but less practice culture in the world. my thoughts aloud please(no pun intended)…….but this doesn’t just sprung up or out of idle head….if my thoughts aloud has any iota of fact which is subject to be debunked, then i think love has in a way not been fair to you or you have not reciprocate as much measure of it that was dished out to you and the inner you is expressing it…..if my thoughts are correct then you own me too cos i care more than i receive and i love more than i have been acknowledge….pls boyfriend if you are eavesdropping into this discussion then i beg you not to pick offense. its natural to say it out


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