💝 when love is Beautiful 💘

Originally titled Picture Splendid here

limpiddImagine the most amazing flowing rich cream-colored silk gown comes right towards you. You see only the gown first until another part becomes visible -the best part- being the gown’s face. And what’s more, both the face and the gown are running towards you, is running towards you, since they are one and the same. They, sorry, it stops about five inches from your face but the gown’s train trails across the grass. You can barely see where the train ends as it seems like it extends over 8feet.

But who cares about that detail when you’ve got that face on that gown. That face is a perfect balance between dark European chocolate and vanilla ice-cream. That face is divine sweetness like no other. The face is attached to a body that can be associated only with gracefulness. With elegance, regal, magnificence, and other remarkable adjectives that could only be adequately described by the French. In addition, that body is decorated in lavish gold costume jewelry around the neck and wrist, with the absence of earrings, oddly enough.

Just as if under hypnotism, you immediately swoop that body up in your arms and attempt to spin it, but you watch the gown’s train billow in the wind, so it spreads around like a beautiful rug laid out on the floor for the queen’s entrance. Slowly you return that vibrating body firmly to the ground while the cheek of that face is perfectly cupped in your right palm just as your left arm is straightened over the shoulder of that body, so that it dangles behind the back.

That face has on its head a tiara. What this pretty body and face lady called a vintage alloy rhinestone tiara, but all you see is an angel’s crown, being worn by an angel. You can see every bit of it because it feels like you’re literally looking at it from heaven. She has a small physique but with all the extracts of your huge heart. Almost overshadowed by the tiara is her short, curled brown-sugar colored hair. She is generous to hair colours. One time her hair glowed like fireflies in an abandoned coal mine. She called it luminous blonde. But you thought it was just insomnia booster. She also once carried that hair the colour of the sole of a louboutin stiletto, but for a short while since she later had a thing for gold ends with dark roots. For all it is worth, her free spirit led to her different shades of pretty, and that is a pretty thing.

The air is filled with classical tunes from your tablet device playing via the wireless speakers you installed, disguised to look like a tree stump in the garden. That day is your wedding day, but technically your post-wedding day, and that strapless cream-colored silk gown embellished with ruffled gold features that even extended into the feathery train, was your wedding gift to her. Though you got married the day before, you considered that ceremony for the world’s benefit. This wedding is going to be for you. You want to see her as beautiful as she was the day before, but this time without pressure. She would smile, blush and laugh to only you, because she is going to be all yours for the day. No sharing. This day, as far as you’re concerned, is the real wedding day. She got hers the day before.

in_love_by_bidva-d2pgnkzShe wanted an Over The Top wedding, you wanted a hush hush Vegas wedding. You gave her a Top wedding, and now she is going to accept your hush hush (but without the Vegas) wedding. You bought the house (wedding venue) a few months ago, then as an impending wedding gift (to your future married selves), and 3weeks ago, you had the entire external walking space carpet-grassed, just for the benefit of this day, so both your feet would feel cushioned as you both would walk bare footed to the decorated wedding platform. Her chief bridesmaid and your best pal are on their way, but they think you’re both exhausted from the wedding night and so needed help with organizing the new home and wedding presents. An ordained minister is already on check but will be contacted only after the platform decorator departs and your friends arrive.

Life is beautiful. You got married 12hours ago to the most amazing woman in the world, and in less than 2hrs, you’ll be getting married to her again and it doesn’t feel ridiculous.



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