Gone are the craps

Second chances are the reasons we see tomorrow

I wrote a blog post this time last year about having a crappy year. Now, I can’t even pretend this hasn’t been one of the good years in the few good ones I’ve had, for all I can remember. I have been blessed and if i say otherwise then I know i don’t deserve more. God has been wonderful and I’d be an ungrateful child if i still complain about little troubles. It wasn’t perfect, but inspite of the bumps, it came through good. And its not like I can brag about having worked on my faith because it’s just as weak as it was last year and I’m ashamed of it. But still, God stayed being God Himself and kept me smiling regardless.

I’ve never had to count my blessings before, because I’ve never really felt blessed. And that, for the first time sounds silly and untrue. I feel like I’ve been so blissfully ignorant because you still have to thank God every second of the day for the grace of little mercies and little protections, even though nothing is little in God’s sight…

Good stuffs happened and bad ones too. I think I cried more this year than I have other times. I’m not counting the time I cried while watching the disney’s Frozen though. I don’t know how that movie got me all feels. But yea, I still got alright.

Optimism isn’t really my style but my fingers are crossed for the upcoming year. I smell goodies in ridiculous amounts I’m sure should be offensive. But if you ask me how I could have made this year better, trust me there are a million ideas. I mean i could do without the many procastinations and the unnecessary flirts and avoidable yet costly mistakes …selfesteem/trust issues… things could have been hugely different in a hugely different way… it all sums up in wishes. Like I wish I had enough time to do all the things I think of doing. But all in all, I wouldn’t have had it any other way but God’s way, because I got so much surprises out of this year, I feel partly honoured and then partly embarassed I thought my way could have been better.

#InOtherWords to wrap this up real quick, I’m just simply trying to say God is good. Not just good, but that word, in its simplicity means a whole lot of other things when in reverence to God. 3 Words, 2 Seconds and 1 Moment.. Thank You Lord (‾^‾)/

Please be encouraged to wait on God’s time because it honestly is the best time. No time is better, just temporary. Besides, what’s yours is yours; its just a matter of time. And speaking of time, in a couple of hours time it’s going to be farewell 2014.

I do wish you all a pleasant 2015 ^^


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