Call a spade a spade

Don’t be like this

I’m pissed and I want to say my mind.

Some days are truly horrific and you’re allowed to bluntly say they are and not trivialise the situation by saying it could have been worse, like you’re not allowed to have bad days, or you’re supposed to be somewhat exempted from those. Amean, just acknowledging that your day wasn’t too good isn’t something wrong, now dwelling in the unpleasantness of those days makes it the reason people say against talking bad about bad days. That’s when you start to hear stuffs like ‘bad days are for experience…’ yada yada.

I’m pretty sure that since its your life, your days should be yours as well. That you got a thousand dollars some day and you don’t feel good about it because you expected more because you feel maybe your worth is more than that because that figure isn’t close to the work you put because you tried harder that time, so it’s a bad day for you. Fine. You have a right to be unhappy if you want to be. Don’t let nobody make you feel that because you’re alive or you’re not handicapped or because you have adequate body senses to enjoy any amount of money or item, unlike quite a few other people in unfortunate conditions, should automatically mean you embrace any discomfort you find yourself in. After all you’re not dead and there’s a tomorrow, they’ll say. This is one of the most unfair laid out opinions I’ve come across.

Yes you should be thankful for whatever you have and give glory to God at all times. Yes you should have a positive mindset because it’s good omen, and if anything, we need good omens. Yes you’ll often get more after showing appreciation for the little you have. Yes no condition is permanent, so the good fate you find yourself in now can be reversed and then you’d wish you had just managed somehow. Yes there’s sometimes a silver lining in a dark cloud and things are never as bad as they seem. Yes Yes and Yes.

But Yes also you’re allowed to feel hurt  because you’re human so when pain comes, that’s almost the default response. Yes also you’re permitted to cry when things get bad because bad things are not good things and we want good things to happen, knowing we can’t always hide the pain. Yes also you’re free to vent your anger when things get awry, far from what was planned and you don’t know what else to do.

The query is to mind how long you vent so the time-gap between when you fall (hypothetically) and when you rise (hypothetically) isn’t too stretched to the point of pathetic. No matter how intense the situation, if the venting time-gap is magnanimous astronomical much, then it’s whining and that’s intolerable. Nobody loves a crybaby.

I think it’s unfair when someone feels you shouldn’t be free to wince in pain when you cut your fingers while slicing, say some onions, and you’re bleeding and it hurts, but camman, you know, at least you didn’t cut off your hands, so wailing would be insensitive huh. Even if you get robbed off your possessions, no matter how priceless, and who knows, it sets you back months behind after so much hard work to get to the point you were in, but camman, you know what, at least you didn’t get shot in the process, which could have been possible, so complaining would be insensitive huh. Even if you did get shot, camman, at least you didn’t die, did you? so why complain huh.

Say you got jilted at the altar in front of hundreds of people that showed up for your wedding knowing that choosing one person amongst many to spend your life with is a big deal and they all want to share in your happiness, but you know, forget the shame and heartbreak, at least there are still other fishes in the sea yea, why complain huh? Is it not to find another girl, sure you’ll find. how hard can it be? Girls plenty. and on the plus side you still got the tuxedo intact so you can still wear it for a business meeting. So venting would be insensitive huh.

I don’t think so. Venting should be healthy since God created us with emotions which we are allowed to express. Like I said earlier, dwelling in the emotion, be it sadness, anger, empathy, should be the line. When you let the negative emotion linger, it would appear as though you’re just wallowing in self-pity. Venting should be done momentarily. Admitting your day was bad when it was, or awesome when it was, wouldn’t change it either ways. You can only make it better by the way you take it, true, but the day in itself would not change. And NO, saying exactly how it was wouldn’t jinx your subsequent days. Saying your today was bad wouldn’t change whether or not your tomorrow will be better or worse.


5 thoughts on “Call a spade a spade

  1. I personally don’t like hidding how I feel about people and circumstances that strew my path daily and I guess you can testify to this… …I can be pragmatic and I do it at times to avoid any muss and fuss…..but fact remains that….. I hardly hide my emotions especially that which deals with love(like….I love you).. Indeed you really think anything…. Keep putting down those thoughts and I will keep reading and appreciating your inner aesthetics…..


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