travel from a script

theme song: Green Day – Wake Me Up When September Ends

Once again, just like this post, I’m on another long journey. “Long” because i’m using a marcopolo bus still, a 10-hour longgggg trip. One of these days i’ll be gisting about some jet ride trip, or a helicopter cruise knowing the Lord is my jolly provider ^^. But for now that we’re still on buses, pardon moi.

But it’s ok since it’s been a pleasant ride, plus, as usual, this bus transit company people thought it well to keep the passengers entertained, so the little installed plasma tv thingie almost at the top height of the bus has been in full usage. It’s been comedy movies and standup comedy shows all the while, so I can’t say I’ve been bored, unless I have no funny bone in me body, but since I do, hehe, it’s been crack-a-lacking in here.

That ended some minutes ago for me. The movies are still on, but now, I feel kinda solemn so its easy to ignore the screen. Between now and some minutes ago, stuffs been happened. While watching the shows and giggling, i felt also like hitting myself with some music, so I plugged in my iPod’s headphone, slid the curtains to the side to see a bit of outside (against the instructions of the bus staffs since the bus is air conditioned and they don’t want no heat getting in :|, but it’s just for a little while, they should just chill in their corner biko). It was the first song that played from the playlist that caused the mood change from the comedy grinning face to this double-take gloomy face.

girl-at-windowSome nights when sleep refuses to take me, I switch the playlist to my Get Sleep Started (GSS) mode. That mode playlist, as the name implied, was created to help my sleep god, just incase he fell asleep and left me awake, so we don’t have no troubles. You see, if you’re like me, it’s good some nights when you’re struck with insomnia. You can blog shit for half the early hours, or read numerous amazing blog posts of online friends or randoms, or stalk some tumblr shit, or partake in twitter after dark…countless cool stuffs to do, i tell you.

But some other nights, if not sleep, nothing just would do. You’d need the sleep badly and you’d need the GSS mode playlist to do it right, sleep god or not, and soon after getting the trick button, you’d get your baby self to sleep and get that deserved 8 hrs shut eyed kapish!delano_laramieI needed that sleep like 3days ago, and i got it, and that day ended and was forgotten. But since that day, I haven’t used the iPod as I’ve been packing and unpacking and repacking (long story) for this journey, and I gave the process of switching on/selecting a song the barest minimum attention as i was still staring at the tv screen comedy thingie going on. I resumed the track list from the last song that was played that night. I don’t normally do this. I almost always have a song in my head so I would choose and play it from list, and then let the subsequent tracks get shuffled, or I keep selecting, or i pick one of the many other playlists I’ve created over time, whichever suits me at that time.

But this cold afternoon, with more passengers snuggled under pullovers, some with blankets, yes blankets, I swear I can’t make this up. This man, single dad i presume, since I don’t see no woman around him, but who knows, wifey could be working, or have travelled already, shrugs, i’m not arsed to bother about his life story. Anywho, he got 4 seat tickets but he’s only occupying 3. He’s got his 2kids switching seats as they play; some of their items constantly being shifted to whichever seat is left vacant whenever they switch. Since they always stay within their designated spaces and troubling no other passenger, their dad making sure of that, well, they played on and on. When they fell asleep, the dad brought out a colorful blanket from the bag on the vacant seat and yes, covered them, in the bus. Funny sight. Real funny sight. It really is cold, both in the bus and outside. Cold September.

So with everyone including me, all snuggled up in my pullover, I absent mindedly resumed the track list from the last played song, and that was when I had to slide the curtains and look through the window and until now, I’ve just been quietly watching the other buses on the other lanes as the bus zoom past, and the greenies everywhere, the scenery. All because of the damn playlist.

You’d understand if you knew the kind of songs I put in my Get Sleep Started mode playlist, which apparently was the last playlist I used. Those sorrowful slow songs that’ll put you in a mood in a matter of minutes, make you get depressed if you let it. Not because they’re suicidal or anything, far from it. They’re just all of the most emotional kinds of tunes you can think of. Some not necessarily slow, but deep. Selected one or two tracks are from the lot of Yellow card, Nick Lachey, Neil Diamond, The Fray – this one over 30 tracks. Then there’s Teddy Geiger, Daughtry, Hoobastank, yours truly Enya, Staind, OurLadyPeace, Clay Aiken , few from SnowPatrol, Fuel, Acceptance, Creed, Keane , my all season Erased track,…. Imogen Heap, Florence+machine, Lana Del Rey …….

and some more. I felt like putting this few names out here so when i get older and feel like i’ve outgrown some of these artists, someone here will remind me how i loved them once, lost them and how i’ll get them back again.

Now it’s like I’m in a movie, in a train, by the window side, and my life is just being played out according to a script.


2 thoughts on “travel from a script

  1. Dont we all? I call my playlist “soothing” although sometimes i let it transport me to different mood zones. From dowie to reflective to sober to numbness (esp wen i feel lik crying, just lik now). I am just an unhappy child sinking into depression slowly from emotional complacency. Yes, its silly of me but i accepted ds side of me as my hercules heels cos try as i may i couldnt be stronger dan i already am. Its one of those moments when u thought u found comfort on a bed of roses forgettung roses have thorns in their stems.


  2. I got that playlist too but mine is titled: midnight whisper and it serve same purpose as your ” go to sleep mode” playlist but it seems not to be working for me this night so I have resulted to your blog……….a place for respite and refreshment of the mental faculty…. Nice one


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