You don’t taste better than food

Disclaimer: This is a weak and silly comparison of food with human nature, but for the sake of understanding why we do what we do sometimes, some irrationality can be helpful in getting close to some speculations that could make deeper meaning to Socrates, perhaps. No need reading too much meaning so you don’t feel like the human character is being under represented or trivialized.

blueberry_cheesecakeI have a theory about how the pattern for food preferences can be likened to the behavioral pattern of ‘some’ individuals and I have evidence for that. Let’s analyze.

Just like how you can like a meal and shun some other meals, you can like some people, and not so much as blink at others. But if you gave it a second thought, you’d see that chances are that you probably would like that meal you so much hated while growing up if you tried it again, especially if the case is you not knowing the exact reason you hated it in the first place. And it’s very simple why. Between the time you were little, an infant perhaps, and now you’re a little bigger, say partly full grown adult (lol), ofcourse there was a few years right in the centre abi. Let’s call those the transition years, where you frequently left your residence to a different place or institution (school, church). Because you’ve gotten somewhat independent and you have a tight-knit gaggle of goofy friends with weird taste in meals, surely, you must have tasted something different from what you were raised with, and either grunt or gotten mesmerized by a few, but somehow, you get habituated to the taste and somehow you manage it. Those transition years condoned all the odd-tasting meals and heavily spiced snacks, more than your body could take, your regular trips to the toilet, at that period, validated it.

If you check it, most of those meals you hated as a kid, you might actually like now because your taste buds must have passed through those transition years of TASTES, and what do you know, one of the snacks/fruits you got used to, has a pinch of ginger just like that one you always kinda got repulsed by(as a kid). Ofcourse you won’t probably hate that meal any longer, right? Because good old tongue has adjusted to the discomfort of that meal, you even start to forget you shouldn’t like, let alone welcome the meal.

Confused much? That was just an awful long way of saying people you grew up hating, but cannot remember the exact reason you hated the person, if you spoke to that person now, you’d find out chances are you might actually accommodate the person. And it’s very simple why. Those transition (independent) years, you’ve been able to fraternize with people, either by condition or selection, you’ve been exposed to little bits of character differences. You’ve seen how ‘birds of a feather flock together’ and also how ‘like charges repel’. You know now, more than you did 5/6 years ago, and you have an idea why some people are how they are and you can understand a little. So maybe if you got to know that person you hate-but-dont-know-why, you might be able to tolerate him/her if not be friends, rather than roll your eyes and hiss loudly when both your paths cross on some days. Afterall, quite a number of your friends don’t act the exact way you do, and the others are just so similar, they totally get you. So this person you’ve hated should fall in the latter or the former.

BUT sometimes the case is that you know exactly why a certain meal was repugnant to you back then since the urge to kill yourself after every of that meal got stronger. The nauseating feeling after eating always suggested it was just about the meal and not your evil relatives after your life. No soothsayer should tell you to abstain from anything that bears the resemblance to that dish. Again, there could be the case of allergy reactions. Like after comfortably eating {insert food name}, your lips start to swell, or you get painful rashes, yada yada yada, strike that meal option out of your To-Eat list. Don’t forget the slight cases where you don’t like a meal because of the way it’s shaped, or because your hands can’t really get around them, or there’s no right way to eat it without getting yourself, or around you, messed up. That’s like loathing something for bizarre faults, but still you do, because you don’t want to be bothered.

Just like how people also kind of do this thing where they hate you for the wrong reasons at first, and then it sticks. They hate you not because you’re a bad person, but the timing of everything else is wrong. You just don’t say ‘hi’ when you pass by, or you wear too much cologne. So technically, they don’t hate you. But when you can point out why a person irritates you and acclaim it to their personality, like you know for a certain that s/he is mean in a way you don’t like, or has an air of superiority, or talks too much, so you stay away because you don’t need the aggravation.

Food…People…Silly comparison? Neh


6 thoughts on “You don’t taste better than food

  1. Interesting. There was a meal I used to like when I was a kid. Somehow, sometime during my adult years I started reacting badly to it. Reminds me of folks I used to be cool with that and then it all turned sour. That’s the point, right?


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