Still on Uyo matter

This is going to be a long rant about what’s happened thus far. It’s the third day in. The convention continues. Yesterday was more on registration and games that stretched into the golf course. We were given some materials (magazines, notepads, customized bags..etc). Well, since this event is sponsored by Mobil and NNPC, I’m surprised at how little stuffs were given though >_> Just kidding. No I’m not 😐 that’s by the way.

Anywho, today’s activities comprises majorly on lectures and presentations and talks. Welcome speeches. Mid welcome speeches, concluding welcome speeches. More longggg speeches. Whatnots. One of my department’s professor lecturers is supposed to do something on a certain topic that he’s making his project student, my close friend, do. So I’m enduring this tiring bum sitting and aching procedure just so I won’t miss his lecture. This is for two reasons. The first is to see how terrible or okay he would be. He’s not such a good lecturer to be honest and he doesn’t give a flying fart in mars about it. It would be nice to see him shiver and stutter on stage, or carryon his usual self and bore everybody. As much as people try to hide it, I think everyone secretly likes to be enjoyed and not seen as a second option when fully participating in an arena as such. Being boring means you won’t get the full attention you need which trivializes the effort you put in your presentation work. It’s like why bother yourself with all the stress of putting up the slide shows and write-ups and carrying out the research when everybody else would magically have a pillow on their seats and drifting close to la-la land before you’re done. Sometimes it gets worse.

There was this address on modernizing the petroleum sector to get a new framework to help the Oil and Gas Industry with investments and shii. Interesting stuff. (1) I even drew up long notes, and (2) I had some questions laid aside to ask [ between (1) and (2) is a lie :D] But halfway into that address, the speaker had to pause a bit to get an usher to tug a man snoring louder than a bass drum. He gave the auditorium a whole new definition. His head was thrown back and his mouth slightly open. I’m sure he mentally rose his legs over the table in front of him. Thank God he wasn’t drooling. (It took him approximately 15mins to fall back asleep again. Tsk He should have just left the hall or something).

The second reason is to spite my friend. I practically traveled down here because of her and yet she found a terrible excuse not to come along. She dint even try to make the excuse seem legit. Even my baby cousin would have come up with something better other than ‘Someone has to be at home when my neighbor’s kids get back from school’. Feel free to find 10things wrong with that statement for my sake. So now this professor lecturer has her project topic to lecture right here and she’s back there….In her face!!

It’s almost noon now and we just had tea break. I dint take tea though. Just stuffed my plate with cakes and fruits and chicken pieces with a glass of juice. And then i got back to my lovely ass warming procedure. Sigh Now it’s more of presentation. We’ve all been together all the while, my friends and I. Sometimes seriously gisting while the program stays moving on. My new friends are around me too. I had to drag this chick when ’twas lunch time. I laughed at how surprised she was. She came alone to this program. Actually she came with her friend, but the said friend had to quickly dash to work. Can I mention that the two girls are currently serving in Uyo. Swerve. This is undoubtedly one of the nice places you would wish to serve in. I’m thinking even working my service here and then vamoose after the year’s spent. This is another way of saying I wouldn’t dream of permanently residing here. Uyo isn’t ‘it’ for me.

It’s true there’s never traffic here. Never. And the roads are marvelously tarred. It’s amazing. Transportation here is crazy cheap plus no buses or trailers or trucks (Don’t ask what runs on the road. Let your imagination run wild! Don’t think flying saucers sha!). They got fancy high fountains at almost every junction. The scene is remarkable. Simply put, this town serves as a platform for tree huggers! Trust me, if you’re a knuckle headed Lagos ‘brought up’, this is a whole new level of serenity to grasp. Just a few weeks and you’ll hit withdrawal syndrome. 2days and I miss the struggle in Lagos already. That I even miss the traffic is why I will go straight to a clinic the minute I get to Lag. Maybe there’s something wrong with me. Jimmy Jatt’s ‘Stylee’ song…too neat bruh. Too neat.

Ok Ok Ok what was I on about?.. Yes. So I dragged this chick to lunch and we got something to eat. The rest of the event dragged on lazily and surprisingly, I dint get bored. I just got tired sorta. My feet started to hurt madly. They hurt a little from yesterday’s all day shoe wearing and I had to put on same shoes again today. Double pain. I just hope they don’t swell. I have to wear heels for tomorrow’s dinner. Hehe

Oh…lest I forget, I met a cute garçon. A cute guy. And we got stuck with each other after he agreed I looked like Genevieve Nnaji and then I tried making him my wing man. How did that turn out?


3 thoughts on “Still on Uyo matter

  1. Lool.. Reading all these, I know I should start writing again. Unfortunately, I fear it won’t be as good as it was before 😦


    1. It’s ‘diary’ :P. And I think you’re being sexist about this (Sexism comes to my head a lot these days, especially whenever I see a bias towards men). Don’t get it twisted loool


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