How The Go Went

It’s another Saturday
…and I’m somewhere across the country in a bus….

Location: Onitsha

Time: 1516hrs

Hunger status: None. Mumsi got me packed up with meals and apples. Imagine she got me 2 wraps of moimoi at the park to take with the rice. ’twas embarrassing in a cute way though. Popsi was just fussing about how I won’t eat anything but junks on the way and how he won’t have that. Smh. Like he would beat me up if he found out. Lol he now got me 3 juice boxes and some apples. I wonder what the other travelers must have thought of me. Not like I care.

Weather report: in the bus? 19 degrees 😦 real chilly

Visual report: ??like screenplay in the bus? AY comedy show. Been 4hrs now. Cheeks hurt from laughing so I’m taking a break off that screen..hence this :p

Bathroom break(if any): 2ce. The 2nd time was to check my nose in the mirror back there. It hurts 😥 there’s a zit coming up hugely around the left nostril.

New friend?: Well..I guess so. Dude that sat behind. He got an S4 I kept playing with. ’twas new so he let me take selfies and almost didn’t let me delete them. But I did! Pheeew. I even signed him up on instagram ’cause he said he was too busy to get interested. I just wanted to edit my pictures. Darzall. Oh..and i killed his ‘temple run’ high score. Hehe. He just alighted with my lady seat patner. He let me stretch out my seat way into his. That is his seat patner’s. It was empty. Now he’s gone I got 4 seats to myself! 3points yu’all. Waddup

Neighbor situation: everyone stayed quiet. Real cool bus. Literally too.
[SIDEBAR: There’s this real cute girl about 6 yrs old..light skinned and nicely made hair with ’em beads everywhere. She got a baby bro too. He looks 4. They ask those silly questions kids their age ask. Hilarious bunch. Like err, ‘Why is the fat lady sleeping?’ or ‘Why did they share bottle water instead of juice? Is the bus people binchy?’ (I found out later he meant stingy! Haha binchy still gets the message across! El Oh El]

Attitude composure: of others? Shrugs I didn’t talk to anyone except the mum of those kids and the S4 guy and one somebody too. I just whispered some ‘have-to-know’ things every now and again to my seat partner who also did same. She wasn’t really chatty. I didn’t mind. There was this ugly ass English-with-Igbo accent chick though…I almost gave her a slap in the bus. Why? The bitch kept banging on the bathroom door while I was in. I knocked on the door while inside to let the person on the other side know that someone was using it inside. ME. I didn’t want to talk ’cause I would have had to shout. My small voice na. And then she yelled, ‘WHORT AH YOR DOIN THEIR? AH YOU STERL PISSING?’ with her irritating accent. shudders I just got chills remembering it.
Tf I got embarrassed ’cause I knew every other person in the bus would have heard her and they would unconsciously start second guessing the time I got in and then look at me funny when I would come out. Probably scrunching up their noses.

Mscheew I started struggling to get into my high waist jeans over my boxers, what with the buttons and zippers…aaargh would have just worn the dress mumsi suggested. I just rushed the thing, and dragged my legs out. Even forgot to wash my hands. Smh The bitch saw me out and asked, ‘DID YOU FLURSH?’ What is wrong with her? I even heard her murmur about ‘mamiri’ (urine) being all over the place. There wasn’t. It was quite neat for the fact that it was in a bus, and used averagely every 30mins, and hasn’t been cleaned yet. What was she trying to form? Wanted to bitch-slap her so her senses could come back..for her sake. But i didn’t. My mum just had to raise me with impeccable manners. Why?-__-

She just kept banging on the little metal look-like-a-safe-with-number-combination door in the bus…Jeez. One time I thought I was going to be locked in. Claustrophobic tendencies surfaced. I’ll just let this go, I’m calmer now.

Hey it’s 1601hrs and I just noticed me is in Owerri!!!^_^ Hmmm I’m not even biased when I say Imo state sure is clean. I hate Imo State.
Gordon is killing it with his jokes. There’s this one he said about next level with music artists. Funny. The bus just got to a halt. We at the terminal already. Supposed to be getting down now sef but I’m in no hurry. Should call my friend to come pick me but I think she’ll still be at the wedding so I’ll have to get to her crib by myself :l Not cool

I think they want to steal my luggage. Fine bag things. Hehe lemme let them feel it small..heehee I think they sent this chick to stall me. She’s making small talk. Apparently this bus is also going to Umuahia ’cause she said she’s not getting down here, so she’s wondering why I’m still in the bus while every other Owerri ‘stoppers’ were already getting it going. She just asked if this iPod could receive calls and I said Yes. And then she asked why I was wearing 3 wrist thingies on each hand. That was when I realized I really didn’t have to nice by trying to condone with the struggling convo between us so I just stared at her stupidly. She asked something else but I wasn’t listening. I just carried the laptop bag over my shoulder and got out of the bus. It’s not like I was aiming for the ‘Friendly Bus Chit Chatter of the Year’ award. Off that.

Did I mention there was this lady looking at me from a keke and then she started to smile. You know it’s a big bus so she was like looking upwards. She stopped at me and I saw a smile starting to form on her lips. Even the keke driver looked up too and smiled. Only God knows the joke they shared at my expense. I hate to think it was just something as simple as them liking the view, since there really isn’t anything much to like. But hold on.. I’m wearing a brown head warmer-like cap over my head. So you’ll just see the 24 inch black curls sticking out right to my torso down to my belly button. Red lips…nicely carved eyebrows…Black turtle neck.. Damn! I do look fine though. wink wink

I saw a dude through the window, wink at the girl 2 or 3 seats behind me and I heard her giggle. Silly girl. She’s all so perky. We had a convo one time when we got down for the first time. She wanted to get bread for the many kids she expected to see when she gets to her stop and I wanted to get call card (to call my Dad to give him my location so he doesn’t get into a fit. Oh..I also wanted to call le boo). My dad sounded like I disturbed him from a game or something. He did the ‘ok-ok call me when you get to the final stop’ thing and hung up on me. Me that did the calling! Le boo’s number was switched off. Well, no surprise there. I wanted to hear something nice from him after my dad got rid of me on the phone. Anywho, la perky chick got 6loaves of bread with some chinchins. I think 3 were for her side and back seat partners. She made me get 2loaves and a chinchin.

I just got my bags into the terminal waiting area. Funny enough this place is actually really big and comfy and airport-like. So unlike this state’s airport. The waiting lounge is almost an apology. The departure entrance…yuck. To think that’s the first place you’d enter. Everywhere is all crampy especially when you have to check in and stay on a queue, then you’d see how packed the place really is. Thank God most stuffs are done electronically so you just only have to show your ID to get the boarding pass. Even when they have to get through security and all, the frisking is more or less harassment. spits

I’m just sitting here..this waiting lounge. Waiting for my other friend’s call back. She’s trying to get the exact address to my friend’s so I don’t get lost. She’s coming there to meet me too. Funny enough this address confusing/mix up/forgetting thing happens all the time. I can’t ever seem to get it right.

Je suis deja a la maison de mon amie. J’ai juste pris une photo avec mon autre ami . Et oui, je parle francais^^
[I’m already at my friend’s house. I just took a picture with my other friend. And yes, I speak French :D]

Buh Bye


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