Prayers for 2017

On 11/12/2016, I made a new friend/guider. This happened after I stumbled on a then recent blog post of hers where she promised she’d genuinely assist anyone in prayers, if only the person would write to her and request for it. We’ve exchanged mails since then. This was my first email to her, and these […]


Hello December

This time last week I was presented with some new information. One would affect my work life, and another my personal-life. New information that would change a lot of things for me, and they crawled into my life separately and concidentally about the same period, by unrelated parties. Total life-changing altering reconstructuring kind of news. […]

when loneliness is underrated

There are times when I’m content with being single. Having no one to check with concerning decisions I should make/intend making. When accepting an invitation from someone of the opposite sex to hang out guilt-free. Not worrying if it could cause a trail of jealousy on some boo. When indulging in myself, thinking absolutely about […]